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5 Things You Don’t Realize Annoy Your Neighbors

July 18, 2022
5 Things You Don’t Realize Annoy Your Neighbors

It’s always wonderful to have a neighbor who’s decent and respectful. In times of need, they can come to your aid, and if you need a friend, they may become one after a while.

But that doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, we often judge a person without even meeting them yet, and they can do the same to us.

At any rate, what’s important is to be aware of our habits at home, to maintain its cleanliness, and to not cross the line between you and your neighbor.

Thus, we’ll now list down the top things that you don’t realize annoy your neighbors to avoid any issues or confrontation but instead, foster good relations with them.

1) Lining up your trash bins

Lining up your trash bins

While it’s a normal part of home maintenance, neighbors—even if they’re silent about it—don’t want to see them lined up on your yard throughout the day or way too early.

By the way, don’t forget to close the lids or covers because if you don’t, then the wind can fling the rubbish to your neighbor’s property.

Aside from that, you have to regularly wash the tall trash bins to keep them from emitting fetid odors, which isn’t healthy for passersby and their pets as well.

2) Not sweeping tree debris

Not sweeping tree debris

During autumn, you have to sweep the leaves and branches falling from your trees and gutters. It can get messy, and with rain showers, your neighbors can be more than annoyed as a result.

If you’re busy, though, you can relay the task to a professional cleaner or gutter specialist. They can do it in under a short time thanks to their devoted time and leaf blower.

3) Painting your house with a bold color

Painting your house with a bold color is another risk. Although some neighbors may actually like it, other people may feel annoyed since the houses on the block could be painted alike or almost alike.

In fact, you have to check first with your HOA (Homeowner’s Association) whether there are no local restrictions for it in where you live. This also ensures that you won’t be fined or charged for it.

4) Letting your dog bark at night

Letting your dog bark at night

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and they can either be barky or not.

Now, everyone understands it during the day, but some neighbors can’t sleep at night or work (if they’re burning the midnight oil) if they bark loudly during that time.

Even worse than this is letting your dog urinate or defecate on the neighbor’s lawn. If they can’t hold it anymore, you have to be willing to clean up and deodorize the mess afterward.

5) Getting your neighbor to receive your parcel

Getting your family members to do this can be annoying enough, especially if they’re busy. What more for neighbors who have to cook food for their kids or catch the Super Bowl game?

Some neighbors don’t even feel like being in a conversation at all or are in a hurry to close the door. But you should thank them nonetheless for opening the door and hearing your request, at least.

So, if you sense this somehow, you have to look for an alternative. Perhaps you can reschedule your appointment or ask your sibling to wait for the package to arrive and just reward him later.

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