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The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

February 2, 2023
The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

I hate cleaning the bathroom. It’s just one of those chores that can be tedious and time-consuming.

As much as I hate cleaning the loo, it’s something that has to be done, unless you want to live in a dirty, smelly, and unhygienic bathroom, of course.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves, put on some music, and tackle this chore head-on! Here’s the ultimate bathroom cleaning checklist to keep your comfort room squeaky clean!

Prepare your cleaning supplies

Prepare your cleaning supplies

First, organize your cleaning weapons. To make the best of your cleaning, complete this checklist of bathroom cleaning supplies.

  • Brush and cleaner for the toilet and bowl
  • Spray bottle with cleaning solution for tub and tiles
  • All-purpose cleaning spray
  • Glass cleaner
  • Set of clean rags or paper towels
  • Sponge
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Rubber gloves
  • Stiff brush for tougher stains
  • Microfiber cloth for delicate surfaces
  • Vacuum cleaner for carpets and floors
  • Steam or microfiber mop for hard floors

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Your Bathroom

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Your Bathroom

Many of us tend to delay cleaning the bathroom until the day when guests are expected to arrive or until a stubborn stain emerges. 

However, thorough cleaning need not be overwhelming. Regularly completing smaller tasks makes the larger cleaning tasks that come with each season much easier.

Follow this checklist to guide you on when and how to clean for the most efficient and effortless results.

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom
  1. Clear the Clutter: Remove items from the countertops, shower, and bathtub. This will allow you to thoroughly clean these surfaces without any obstructions.
  1. Dust and Sweep: Use a broom or vacuum to remove any dust, hair, or debris from the floors and corners of the bathroom.
  1. Pre-Treat: Apply a cleaning solution to the shower and bathtub, including the walls and doors. Let the solution sit for several minutes to loosen up dirt and grime.
  1. Clean the Toilet: Apply a toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl’s inside thoroughly. Wipe the exterior of the toilet with an all-purpose cleaner.
  1. Clean the Shower and Tub: Use a sponge or brush to scrub the shower and tub, including the walls, doors, and tracks. Rinse the surfaces with warm water.
  1. Scrub the Sink and Countertop: Apply an all-purpose cleaner and scrub the sink and countertop with a sponge. Rinse the surfaces with warm water.
  1. Polish the Fixtures: Use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner to polish the fixtures, including the faucet, showerhead, and towel bars.
  1. Wipe the Mirrors: Use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner to clean the mirrors.
  1. Clean the Floor: Mop or scrub the floor with a cleaning solution, paying close attention to the corners and edges.
  1. Organize and Replenish: Put back any items that you removed during step 1, and replenish any supplies that may be running low, such as toilet paper, soap, or towels.

Maintaining Bathroom Cleanliness

Maintaining Bathroom Cleanliness

After you’ve spent hours deep cleaning your bathroom, the last thing you want is to let it go to waste. 

That’s why it’s important to maintain your hard work by keeping your bathroom clean and tidy regularly. 

With just a little effort and consistency, you can prevent dirt, grime, and mildew from building up and keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh.

Here’s how often you should clean every part of your bathroom.

Bathroom PartsHow to CleanRecommended Cleaning Frequency
Sink and CountertopSpray all-purpose cleaner
Scrub with a sponge
Rinse with water
Toilet and BowlApply bowl cleaner
Scrub with a brush
Twice a week
Shower and BathtubSpray tub and tile cleaner
Scrub with a sponge
Rinse with water
Walls and Floor TilesSpray all-purpose cleaner
Scrub with a brush
Rinse with water
MirrorSpray glass cleaner
Wipe with a microfiber cloth
AccessoriesWipe with an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber clothWeekly
Exhaust FanVacuum or wipe with a microfiber clothQuarterly or semi-annually

Maintain an organized bathroom cleaning routine with the help of this convenient checklist. 

You may print it out and attach it inside a cabinet door in your bathroom to ensure it is readily accessible. 

Doing so will assist you and your family members in identifying which areas require cleaning.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Ready for some fun bathroom cleaning hacks that will make your life easier? Look no further! 

Cleaning the bathroom is a chore that most of us dread, but with these tips and tricks, you can make the process quicker, easier, and even more enjoyable.

  1. Customize your bathroom cleaning routine to fit your specific needs by adding unique features like steam rooms or hard water stains to your cleaning checklist.
  1. Keep your glass shower doors cleaner for longer by applying a windshield or glass sealant such as Rain-X or Aquapel.
  1. Make your life easier by adding a few extra trash bag liners to the bottom of the waste basket for easy replacement.
  1. Create an all-purpose scrub by mixing baking soda and water for an effective cleaning solution that’s gentle on surfaces.
  1. Deep clean your toothbrush and soap holders by running them through the dishwasher for a sparkling finish.
  1. Keep your bathroom fresh and inviting between deep cleanings by storing disinfectant wipes under the sink for quick touch-ups.

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