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8 Best Cleaning Services in Toronto

February 18, 2019
8 Best Cleaning Services Toronto


Cleaning your home or office is something you can do by yourself. Going the DIY route is less expensive and makes cleaning a personal affair. It also allows you to be creative and explore different organization methods such as the 5S philosophy and KonMari. It sounds like a lot of fun when you have time on your hands to figure it out and follow the steps. But if you aren’t that lucky, then you should hire a professional cleaning company to sort out your stuff for you.

Professional cleaners and specialists are also ideal as they cover more ground. They can go over hard-to-reach places and attend to spots you never thought needed cleaning. They also have special cleaning agents and equipment to keep your home looking and smelling fresh. With those advantages, it’s recommended to reach out to the best cleaning services in your area.

If you are in Toronto, here are the eight best cleaning services you can find in the city.

1.       Dhyana Cleaning

BEST FOR Airbnb cleaning package, Rotational cleaning packages, Twice weekly cleaning, Twice monthly cleaning, Monthly cleaning, Trustworthy staff
SERVICES/SCOPE Airbnb Cleaning

Consistently Clean Service

Deep Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning

Rotational Cleaning

Organization and Decluttering

Wash linens, towels and laundry service

PRICING Contact for regular rates for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning
ADDRESS 225 Brunswick Avenue

Toronto M5S 2M6, Ontario

CONTACT (+1) 647-642-7478 |
PAYMENT Options available upon booking

You should call Dhyana Cleaning if you look forward to a one-time deep cleaning service or a regular upkeep service. It has different cleaning packages for your home, office and Airbnb properties. Your place is sure to receive the TLC it needs with Dhyana’s hands-on and upbeat staff. Its staff is known for honoring its commitments and remaining prompt with its services. Book a cleaning to experience the standard of high-quality cleaning service.

Dhyana Cleaning is also a cleaning company you can trust. Its employees undergo criminal background checks and have insurance covered by WSIB. Its concern for its clients reflects on how it handles its employees. Besides finding professionals for its jobs, it uses the latest, modern eco-friendly cleaning tools and supplies. Robotic and cyclonic vacuums are some the tools you can expect during a cleaning service.

Photo is taken from the store’s official website.

2.       Maid in T.O.

BEST FOR Deep cleaning, Move in/Move out cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE Standard Cleaning for Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedrooms

Clean Finished Basement

Clean Inside Cabinets, Fridge, Oven and Windows

Clean Light Switches & Door Knobs

Clean Baseboards

Dust All Surfaces

Dust Furniture

Empty Garbage Bins

Vacuum & Mop All Floors

Move in / Move out Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

One Hour of Organization

One Load of Laundry

PRICING Flat rate for a studio or 1BR apartment is CAD 125 (Discounts available for repeat cleaning services; Cancellation Fee is CAD 79)
ADDRESS Strangford Lane

Toronto M1L 0E5 , Ontario

CONTACT (+1) 647-557-9777 |
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Maid in T.O. has exceptional quality control measures and high customizable cleaning services. You can easily have a professional cleaner come over after booking a service over its app or by calling its number. Its services might be costly than others, but it can make your life cleaner without too much hassle.

You can get its standard cleaning for the priority areas of you home if your place requires a royal treatment. For rooms that needs a lot of attention, you can opt for its additional services such as cleaning inside cabinets, fridge, oven and windows and going over light switches & door knobs. Still, Maid in T.O. has a few exclusions for safety reasons. It doesn’t cater to any human or pet waste (bodily fluids), homes infested by any type of vermin, surfaces or spots higher than what can be reached using a step-stool, and garages. Its staff also doesn’t move appliances and furniture but clean around and under them if accessible.

On the bright side, they clean for free if you are not happy with the initial service.

Photo is taken from the store’s official website.

3.       Maidstr

BEST FOR Home cleaning plans, Monthly maintenance cleaning, Professional, funny and entertaining cleaners
SERVICES/SCOPE Deep Cleaning/First Time Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Clean Balcony or Patio

Clean Inside Fridge, Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets, Stove

Clean Interior Windows

PRICING Starts at CAD 119 for 1 bedroom and bathroom (Hourly Rate is CAD 35)
ADDRESS 2302 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Unit 2

Toronto M8V 1B4, Ontario

CONTACT (+1) 866-428-6778 |
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Professional cleaners at Maidstr all undergo background check to ensure they are right fit for the job. Maidstr is a company that does not only value integrity, but it also wants its clients to have a blast during a cleaning service. When you book any of its services, you will meet its trustworthy, fun and energetic team that pays attention to all the details and surfaces of your home.

Maidstr provides cleaning services in the Greater Toronto area and Guelph. It offers a recurring cleaning service to keep your home healthy all year round. You can save up to 15% off when you subscribe to any of its home cleaning plans and maintenance services. For services out of its scope, Maidstr can connect you to its partners and synchronize its cleaning service with the service you need.

Photo is taken from the store’s official website.

4.      Maid4Condos

BEST FOR Condo cleaning services, Home cleaning maintenance, Scheduled cleaning

Basic Plus

Deep Clean

Move In/Move Out Clean

PRICING Basic Cleaning service starts at CAD 79
ADDRESS 60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 200

Toronto M6K 1X9, Ontario

CONTACT (+1) 647-822-0601 |
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

Maid 4 Condos is what you need to take back your time and keep your home smelling fresh. Its services are reasonable and affordable. Therefore, there’s no reason for you to pass up the chance to have the organized and tidy home you always dream to have. You can book its services any day of the week. But if you want any of its professionals work over the weekend, you have to pay a little over the regular price which is nothing compared to the stress of having a messy home.

The price is also worth the quality of service you receive. Its cleaners aren’t in a rush to finish their job. They follow a checklist to ensure they clean everything and don’t miss a spot. Most of all, you won’t have to think about buying cleaning supplies and tools. They will come with the best cleaning agents which are non-toxic and safe for you and your family.

Photo is taken from the store’s official website.

5.       No More Chores of Toronto Cleaners

BEST FOR Excellent customer service, Commercial cleaning, Post-renovation cleaning, Appliance and furniture cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE Airbnb Cleaning

Commercial/Office Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

House Cleaning Service

Maid Service

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Post-Renovation Cleaning

PRICING Starts at CAD 119 for 1 bathroom and bedroom
ADDRESS 18 Colgate Avenue

Toronto M4M 1N4, Ontario

CONTACT (+1) 647-362-5276 |
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

No More Chores does what it says. It takes over your cleaning obligations while providing specific cleaning services based on the needs of your residence, office space, and other properties. Its services in Toronto include maid service, house cleaning, and construction cleaning. You don’t have to lift a finger when you book any of its professional services.

Other than the usual cleaning, its professionals also work on specific spots like window blinds and small appliances. You can specify your cleaning requests upon booking and its staff are sure to get back to you as soon as they are available. Before you know it, your space is sparkling and looks brand new with their punctual service.

Photo is taken from the store’s official website.

6.     Sunnyside Window & Eaves Cleaning

BEST FOR Eavestrough cleaning, Exterior cleaning, Gutter rerouting and installation, Power washing
SERVICES/SCOPE Eavestrough Cleaning and Repair

Deck Cleaning

Power Washing

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Snow Removal

PRICING $10.00 – $350.00
ADDRESS 250 Eglinton Avenue E. #567

Toronto M4P 1K2, Ontario

CONTACT (+1) 416-480-9675 |
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, and major credit cards

Sunnyside Window Cleaning is a recipient of the Consumer Choice Award 2017 in Greater Toronto Area for striving to keep its clients happy. Unlike other professional cleaning services on this list, Sunnyside Window Cleaning is the only one that with exterior cleaning services. When it comes to home maintenance, the outside is as important as the inside. Thus, you should reach out to any of Sunnyside’s professionals for an attractive and well-kept property.

Sunnyside Window Cleaning has been in the business since 1998. It has built its reputation based on high quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. You can rely on it to remind you of your bookings for eavestrough repairs, deck cleaning service, or window cleaning service. Its builders and specialists will finish the job in less time than you expect.

Photo is taken from the store’s official website.

7.      Toronto Steam N Clean

BEST FOR Eco-friendly cleaning products, Carpet cleaning, Custom cleaning plans, Pet enzyme treatment, Stain shield formulation
SERVICES/SCOPE Air Duct Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Water Removal

PRICING Job minimum is CAD 199 for 3 areas (Exclusive of tax)
ADDRESS 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801

Toronto M5E 1W7, Ontario

CONTACT (+1) 416-755-2528 |
PAYMENT Cheque, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, and E-transfer

To prevent allergies and spreading of germs, it is advisable to clean carpets frequently. Toronto Steam n Clean has an effective carpet cleaning treatment that restores the beauty and texture of area rugs and carpets. At your booking, you can request for cleaning with Spot and Stain Solution to wash away overdue and stubborn stains. Don’t worry about the price. Toronto Steam n Clean offers the best quote on carpet steam cleaning.

Toronto Steam n Clean also has pet enzyme treatment and Scotchgard protection. The treatment for pet odors, urine and feces involves hot water extraction and deodorization. Meanwhile, Scotchgard protection is a stain shielding formulation for carpets and upholstery. It protects surfaces from absorbing liquid and oil-based spills. You may request these treatments when you book the carpet or upholstery cleaning service.

Photo is taken from the store’s official website.

8.       Vivid Cleaning Inc.

BEST FOR Chair cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Sectional cleaning, RV cleaning, Truck-mounted carpet cleaner, Rug repair, Allergy treatment, Stain and odor removal
SERVICES/SCOPE Commercial Cleaning

Basement Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Stair Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

PRICING Contact for rates on its services
ADDRESS 201-639 Dupont Street

Toronto M6G 1Z4, Ontario

CONTACT (+1) 416-939-7571 |
PAYMENT Options available after booking confirmation

 Vivid Cleaning is committed to service improvement and high-quality work. It makes life easy for its customers by providing honest work, straightforward cleaning solutions and transparent communication. Its technicians are helpful and always ready to explain the cleaning process and machinery. That way, homeowners understand and appreciate the service they get.

Vivid Cleaning also uses the best equipment for its carpet cleaning and maintenance services. To clean various types of carpets and rugs, it uses pressurized hot water extraction. The process results in top-notch cleaning making your carpets ready for specialized treatments such as anti-allergy formulation and stain and odor removal.

Photo is taken from the store’s official website.


Moving to a new place, switching job or saving for the future all take time and energy you need to keep your home or office clean and organized. Hiring a professional cleaner is the solution for homeowners or business people who don’t have the luxury to be Marie Kondo for a day. These eight cleaning services can do all your cleaning job and save you from having to do the chores yourself. Pick one and be surprised with how a professional cleaning company can change your life.

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