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How to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places at Home

July 19, 2022
How to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places at Home

Keeping the whole house clean is hard, but keeping it spotless in every nook and cranny is seemingly harder. But not if you know what to do.

In this guide, we’ll be listing tips and tricks so you can ace cleaning some of the hard-to-reach places at home. That includes ceiling fans and lighting, behind the fridge, behind the toilet, and air vents.

By doing them, you can feel very satisfied because you will be confident that your home sweet home is more thoroughly cleaned. That makes it better for your family and pets to live in.

1) Ceiling Fans and Lighting

Ceiling Fans and Lighting

It’s relatively easy to tidy up and clean things on the ground but not those higher than our head. Some examples are ceiling fans, light fixtures, above the cabinet or shelf, and so on.

Don’t worry; it’s not so hard to do, as all you need is a disposable duster whose handle can be adjusted. It’s made of materials that don’t scatter the dust in the air, unlike traditional dusters.

This allows you to reach high and remove heavy grime, dust, and cobwebs without even relying on a ladder. Unless you have a friend or family member to hold the ladder as you clean, we don’t recommend it for safety reasons.

What’s more, with a disposable duster, you don’t have to clean it up afterward; just throw it away in the bin. And just get a new one for your next cleaning job.

2) Behind the Toilet

Behind the Toilet

The area behind the toilet is tricky to clean because the fixture is set up against the wall. It’s hard to use your broom or mop given the bathroom layout and cramped space.

But you can circumvent this issue by using basic cleaning tools, particularly, a soft and stiff brush, a vacuum cleaner, and a rag. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves to guard your hand against cleaner splashes and bacteria.

First, get down on your knees and use a dry and stiff brush to loosen the dirt, hair, and small particles. The crevice tool of your vacuum will come in handy to suck the debris that you can hardly reach.

Next, it’s time to deep-clean the floor and walls. For this, apply detergent to the soft brush and brush the surfaces.

Then, soak it in a gentle commercial cleaner or DIY mixture of rubbing alcohol and warm water to kill harmful bacteria on the tile, grout, and walls.

Lastly, rinse the surfaces with a wet sponge, wipe them with a toilet cloth, and then let the room dry.

3) Air Vents

Air Vents

Are your house’s air vents dirty? You don’t have to get a professional to clean them for you every time—all it takes is some DIY initiative.

So, be careful when doing that, and use a sponge to wipe away most of the external dust and grime. Get a damp microfiber cloth, wrap it around a butter knife, and slide it through the slits to clean them.

Incorporate this tactic into your cleaning routine, and you’ll have great-looking air vents that give out fresh and clean air at home.

4) Behind the Fridge

Working 24/7, the fridge can have a lot of grime and dust on its condenser coils. The condenser coils are responsible for cooling the contents of the refrigerator.

The condenser coils are so easy to clean that you don’t have to unplug them. However, you have to be safe and careful while doing it.

So, for refrigerators that have condenser coils at the back, simply turn the fridge to one side enough that you can reach it with a vacuum.

Equip it with the crevice or upholstery tool which has a brush to collect the dust bunnies that the coils are wrapped in. They can make your fridge work harder, you know, and hence raise your bills at the end of the month.

As for those who own models with condenser coils at the base, remove the panel covering it, and vacuum away in the same manner. Because you may be able to access the condenser fan, it’s good to clean it as well to ensure it runs at peak efficiency.

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