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How to Make a Cold Basement Warm

July 18, 2022
How to Make a Cold Basement Warm

Unnaturally cold basements can be caused by the following: poor air circulation, being situated at ground level wherein some water enters the concrete walls, and earthen flooring.

Since these are concerned with your house structure, you most likely need to hire a professional to clean your air ducts, insulate your crawl spaces, seal cracks and holes, or do other things.

In this guide, we will discuss some problems and the appropriate action to take for them. Without further ado, here’s how you can make your cold basement warm and comfortable.

1) Insulate your basement

Insulate your basement

You might not have or lack insulation in your basement which is why it feels cold and damp when you come down to it.

Depending on how your basement is built, you would have to use different insulation materials for it.

In particular, use foam-board insulation if your basement is spacious and bare, but if it is stuffed with appliances and junk, you can opt for a spray-foam type given its lighter insulation.

2) Seal cracks and holes

If your basement has crevices and holes, you have to seal them using caulk or spray-foam insulation. Otherwise, warm air can escape out of the basement and its foundation walls.

In some instances, it can be difficult to locate the gaps since it’s small and located in a hard-to-access area. In that case, you can just let a handyman or expert inspect and fix them.

3) Add a floor heater

Add a floor heater

You might want to consider heating the floor of your basement, especially if it is made of tiles or stone. In-floor heating results in a pleasant, enveloping warmth from the air and ground in the area.

Alternatively, it can be a great idea to invest in an air vent that can bring heat to your entire house, including the basement.

Also, if the crawl space is very cold, you can install a polyethylene vapor barrier over the crawl space’s dirt floor, but be sure to caulk all of its seams to prevent warm air from escaping.

4) Replace broken windows

Replace broken windows

Drafty air can come in through broken windows to your basement. It can also add moisture to the room, causing it to become damper than usual and your upholstery and carpets to develop allergic mold and mildew.

So, check if your basement window is in good condition, otherwise, have it repaired or replaced promptly.

Another solution is to construct a window well to protect against drafty currents of air and moisture buildup.

5) Get a cozy fireplace

If you’re sure your basement is fairly insulated, has properly sealed gaps, and perfectly fine windows, one thing can solve the problem once and for all: a cozy fireplace.

This can bring toasty-warm air in the basement, besides giving a stunning visual effect, whether you buy a natural or electric unit.

However, you would have to fork out additional cash and clean and maintain it often to keep it efficient and safe to use at your house.

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