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How should I clean a couch?

September 5, 2022
How should I clean a couch

The proper manner of cleaning a couch depends on the material it’s made of. 

To be specific, fabric couches can be cleaned by 

  1. brushing their dirt and debris, 
  2. sprinkling them with baking soda, 
  3. letting the powder sit, 
  4. creating a liquid cleaning mix, 
  5. and wiping down the entire seat with it.

However, leather couches involve a gentler and more careful process. For this, 

  1. vacuum all sections of the couch, 
  2. create a cleaning solution
  3. wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth, 
  4. and apply a leather conditioner to keep it soft and shiny.

Usually, these are all that you have to do to clean your couch. But you can continue reading this guide for a more detailed explanation of them.

Removing Couch Stains

Removing Couch Stains

Couch stains can be nasty, but lucky for you, they’re not hard to remove. So long as you treat them soon after the fabric is spilled or splashed on by liquid or food particles, cleaning it will be simple.

  1. Now to pre-treat stains on the couch, you need to use the appropriate cleaning solution for the fabric. Usually, a solution made from equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle or small bucket will do.
  1. Spray a small amount on a microfiber cloth, and with it, dab and rub the stains off the couch. 
  1. Once the stain has loosened and disappeared, let the couch dry for a few minutes.

How to Clean a Fabric Couch

How to Clean a Fabric Couch

Has your favorite couch become a mess? Follow the directions below to thoroughly clean your fabric couch.

  1. Brush the couch

The first thing you have to do is to brush off the loose particles on the sofa. Use a clean hand towel or a medium-stiff brush for this task.

Skipping this step will only make it harder for you to make your sofa spotless. It will be more difficult to remove the stain if you have loose debris in the way.

  1. Sprinkle baking soda

To keep your couch free from unpleasant or unwanted odors, sprinkle baking soda on certain sections of it.

Once you have done so, leave it to do its work for 20 minutes to an hour. Then, with a brush attachment equipped, vacuum the couch until it has taken in all of the baking soda residues.

  1. Create a cleaning solution

Next, make an effective cleaning solution for your couch in a spray bottle. 

  • Stain Remover Ingredients

We highly recommend making one by using these ingredients: 1 teaspoon dish detergent, 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 1 cup warm water, and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

  • How the Cleaning Solution Works

As you may know, mixing baking soda with vinegar results in a strong fizzy reaction.

What happens here is the baking soda dissolves in the acidic vinegar, which in turn, creates carbon dioxide, causing the bubbles. And carbon dioxide can effectively lift the dirt and stain out of surfaces or fabrics.

So once you have added baking soda to the cleaning solution, screw the cap of the spray bottle promptly to prevent accidental spills.

  1. Wipe down the couch

Now spray a bit of the cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth. Gently scrub or dab the couch stains until they fade away.

But for a deep clean, proceed to wipe down the entire couch with the same cleaning cloth.

  1. Let the couch dry

And so, finally, let the couch dry for half an hour to an hour. Don’t sit or place any objects on it until it has dried completely.

How to Clean a Leather Couch

How to Clean a Leather Couch

As opposed to fabric couches, leather couches are more technical to clean, since they come in different finishes.

So, note that the following instructions are for cleaning protected leather couches. This is the kind of leather couch that most people have.

  1. Vacuum the couch

Your leather couch must have accumulated dirt and dust as well as food crumbs from you or your guests sitting on it for a while.

So, you have to vacuum the leather couch to remove as many of these residues as possible. In effect, cleaning it will be much easier.

  1. Wipe down the entire couch

Wipe down the entire couch including the back, sides, and underneath the cushions. While you’re at it, it helps to clean the furniture more thoroughly.

  1. Create a cleaning solution

It’s time to make a cleaning solution for the leather couch to bust out the stains and make it spotless.

For this, simply mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a small bucket. Get a microfiber cloth and dip it into the solution until it’s damp or slightly wet.

Wipe down grimy parts of the couch until it’s clean. Re-dip the cloth in the cleaning solution if you need more.

  1. Let the couch dry

Speed up the drying process by wiping the solution-wet couch with a clean microfiber cloth. Let the rest evaporate in the air.

Depending on how wet your leather couch is, this process should finish in as fast as 30 minutes to an hour.

  1. Apply a leather conditioner (optional)

Your leather couch is now clean and fresh! But you can also apply a leather conditioner to protect it from body oils, dirt, and pressure cracks, hence extending the sofa’s life.

In addition, the conditioner will soften the leather making it more comfortable to lounge and nap on.

FAQs about Cleaning a Couch

FAQs about Cleaning a Couch
  1. Does steam cleaning a couch work?

Steam cleaning is a proven method of cleaning a couch. It heats water past the boiling point and injects it in the form of pressurized vapor.

This vapor then loosens stubborn dirt and kills bacteria, dust mites, and pests lingering on your sofa. So it doesn’t only make the couch more comfortable, but it also keeps your family safe too.

Plus, there’s no need to wait very long after the process. In most cases, four to five hours should be enough for the upholstery to completely dry.

  1. Is professional couch cleaning worth it?

Professional couch cleaning is worth it because they have the skills and equipment to remove the embedded dirt, sweat, pet dander, and oil in your couch.

Although you’ll have to spend some money on a qualified pro, you can rest assured your couch will look pristine and refreshed afterward.

  1. How much does it cost to hire a professional couch cleaner?

In general, pro couch cleaners charge between $100 and $300 for cleaning a couch. However, you’d have to pay extra if you have a leather or wool couch.

This price range can be pretty expensive for some people, so some of them just rent a steam cleaning machine, which costs about $40 to $60 each day.

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