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The 6 Best Options for Laundry Services in New York City

March 12, 2020
Best Laundry Services in New York City

With over 8 million people, the City that Never Sleeps is one of the busiest places in the world. The fast-paced nature of the city leaves almost no time for its residents for their laundry. With these excellent laundry services helping you cross out one thing off your to-do list, we give you the 6 Best Options for Laundry Services in New York City.


1.  Bed Bug Laundry Service

Bed Bug Laundry Service's Homepage

BEST FOR Bed bug laundry solutions, chemical-free cleaning process, discreet and diligent service, pick-up options with bagging services
SERVICES/SCOPE Bed Bug Laundry, Bed Bug Prep, Bed Bug Detection (K9 Services), Moving and Fumigation, Prevent Bed Bugs, After Travel, Dry Cleaning, Storage
PRICING Request for a quote via hotline.
ADDRESS Greater Metropolitan New York City
CONTACT (917) 740-2840

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call the hotline for more inquiries

Not all laundry services are about your clothes. Sometimes, it’s about your nasty bed bug infestation! Bed Bug Laundry Service specializes in killing and preventing pests. They offer full treatment and fumigation to prevent such from happening again. They use chemical-free products in the cleaning process and have a pick-up service for an even more hassle-free service! Happy customers have nothing but kind words, thanking them for promptly addressing these unavoidable circumstances through excellent servicing.


2.  Liox Cleaners and Laundry

Liox Cleaners and Laundry's Homepage

BEST FOR On-demand laundry service, competitively priced, same-day delivery available,
SERVICES/SCOPE Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Commercial Laundry

Airbnb laundry

PRICING Starts at $1.45/lb. See complete pricing online.
ADDRESS 123 Allen street, New York NY 10002
CONTACT 800-374-0449
PAYMENT Cash or card

Liox Cleaners and Laundry is one of New York’s finest with their same-day services and pick-up / drop-off program. From simple household needs, to commercial level services, they’ve got you covered! It’s also one of the most competitively priced places the city has to offer. Happy customers credit their incredible service, thorough cleaning and reliability throughout every job they face. Head out to your job interviews wearing crisp and fresh clothes that reflect a professional personality, Check their website for some sweet deals!


3.  Brown Bag Laundry

Brown Bag Laundry's Homepage

BEST FOR Same-day or next-day delivery services available, PERC-free and eco-friendly cleaning services, over 10 years of industry experience, customizable laundry packages available
SERVICES/SCOPE Laundry doctor, customized laundry, dry cleaning, alterations, commercial laundry services
PRICING Starts at $2.75/lb. See complete pricing online.
ADDRESS 96 W. Houston St., New York, NY, 10012
CONTACT 212-510-8709
PAYMENT Cash or card

Brown Bag Laundry is not your average laundromat, it has evolved from a one-stop shop to one of New York’s finest garment specialized cleaners and alterations attracting the likes of artists and celebrities. With customizable packages on your needs, you’re sure to find your preference and be more than satisfied with the end results. Reviewers praise their very fast turnaround time and quality service. Brown Bag continues to grow and shape the industry!


4.  Laundry Club

Laundry Club's Homepage

BEST FOR Operating since 1989. High-tech washers and dryers

Free Pickup and delivery

SERVICES/SCOPE Laundry and Dry Cleaning


White Vinegar Cleaning

PRICING Starts at $1.50/lb. See complete pricing online.
ADDRESS 233 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001, United States
CONTACT 212-414-9302
PAYMENT Call the hotline for more inquiries

Having over 30 years of industry experience, Laundry Club is the ever-reliable laundromat that New Yorkers have been going to for years! With highly competitive prices it’s easy to see why they’ve been in the business for so many years. With a free pick-up and delivery service, they aim to give the best cleaning the city has to offer. It won’t be a surprise if your parents have been going to this laundromat since they were little! Through many New Yorker’s milestones, Laundry Club has clothed their backs with only the freshest and cleanest clothes time and time again.


5.  The Eco Laundry Company

The Eco Laundry Company's Homepage

BEST FOR Sustainable, environmentally-conscious business, free pick-up and delivery services available, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute International member
SERVICES/SCOPE Laundry wash and fold, and dry cleaning
PRICING Starts at $1.50/lb. See complete pricing online.
ADDRESS 249 W. 18th St., New York, NY 10011
CONTACT (646) 649-3806
PAYMENT Cash or card

The Eco Laundry Company goes beyond the responsibilities of your average cleaners because of its mission to also help the environment with its environmentally conscious business plan. With their sustainable methods and worry-free full service that they provide, you’ll be feeling happy and content with your laundry. With 4.7 stars on Google Reviews, they rave about the accommodating customer service and thorough cleaning.


6.  Load Laundromat

Load Laundromat's Homepage

BEST FOR Full-service, in-house laundromat, pickup and delivery services available, 24-hour turnaround time
SERVICES/SCOPE Laundry wash and fold, and dry cleaning
PRICING $15.00/10lbs. See complete pricing online.
ADDRESS 602 E 14th St, New York, NY 10009
CONTACT (917) 265-8226
PAYMENT Cash or card

Holding an almost perfect 4.9-star rating on Google from over 80 reviews, Load Laundromat is your neighborhood cleaners that always delivers the best quality service there is. With a full service available, it’s easy to consider why this is the go-to for a lot of New Yorkers looking to find an easy and quick service in the midst of their busy days. Customers are always extremely happy with their very fast service, thorough cleaning, and reliability through every job.

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