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The 6 Best Options for Dry Cleaners in Peterborough

November 20, 2019
Dry Cleaner Peterborough

When we think of dry cleaning and laundry service, what often comes to our minds are the traditional laundry shops that smell of detergents. But over time, dry cleaners and laundry have evolved into something much more convenient for their customers. Some dry cleaners now come in the form of mobile applications wherein customers can place and order and track it in real time. There are still some that remain faithful to the traditional set-up of a dry cleaner, but there are also some who allowed the rise of technology to alter their way of business, without ever giving the presence of their physical stores. Despite the changing of the course of dry cleaning, the purpose of these businesses remains the same: to improve the lives of their customers by removing the burden of doing laundry.

Here is a list of the best options for dry cleaners in Peterborough that we highly recommend:

1.  Peter’s Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Peterborough | 2

BEST FOR 4.2-rating on Google with 18 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, winner of three Mercury Awards
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Shirt Service, Bed Linen,  Duvets & Pillows, Wedding Dress, Curtains, Rugs, Laundry, Alterations & Repairs
PRICING Check out their website for the complete list of prices
ADDRESS 791 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 3HE
CONTACT 01733 562997

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call their hotline for inquiries

Peter’s Cleaners is a dry cleaning and laundry business that services most of Stamford Peterborough and other nearby area, improving the lives of its residents one clean shirt at a time. Instead of wasting time doing your own laundry, what they want you to do is let them take care of it and enjoy the free time you have.

You do not need to worry about your clothes being treated properly because their cleaners are experienced in dealing with all sorts of fabric. Prior to cleaning, their staff inspects each garment for defects and damages. If there are any, they will contact you to offer the service. It is up to you if you will accept their offer.

Once they are done, they promise you that your clothes will be looking cleaner and fresher than before. They also h ave a shop in Stamford and two additional sites in Peterborough that have pods that are 24/7 fully automated along with drop-off and pick-up units.


2.  Ovada Textile Care

Dry Cleaner Peterborough | 1

BEST FOR professional dry cleaning and laundry services, local pickup and delivery services
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services, Alterations & Repairs,  Wedding Dress Cleaning, and Curtain & Duvet Cleaning
PRICING Call their hotline for rates
ADDRESS 43, Broadway Peterborough PE1 1SQ
CONTACT 01733 566777

[email protected]

PAYMENT Accepts Visa and MasterCard

With over 50 years of experience in the cleaning industry combined with their expertise in fabricare, Ovada Textile Care has grown into one of Peterborough’s most trusted dry cleaners, providing services that go beyond the typical dry cleaning. Driven by their goal to keep customers satisfied, they make sure to always go beyond the extra mile to meet the demands of their customers, no matter how complicated it gets. It is through the power of word of mouth that they were able to amass a huge number of loyal clients who swears by their brilliance in making sure clothes are always clean and fresh.


3.  Unique Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Peterborough | 3

BEST FOR 4.6-rating on Google with 9 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Alterations, Curtain Cleaning, Wedding Gown Cleaning, and Duvet Cleaning
PRICING 2-piece suit: £12.50

3-piece suit: £15.50

Jacket/Blazer: £8.50

Velvet Jacket: £9.50

Down Jacket: £12.50

ADDRESS 142 Oundle Road Peterborough, PE2 9PJ
CONTACT 01733 358899

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call their hotline for inquiries

If you are looking for a dry cleaner that can give you premium services without making a hole inside your wallet, then look no further than Unique Dry Cleaners. Living up to their name, they provide dry cleaning services that cannot be found from other dry cleaners, one of which is their fast turnaround time. You would not need to wait for a couple of days to receive your garments as you can have within the day or early tomorrow, making this service perfect for people who are in a rush to have their clothes dry cleaned.

Outside dry cleaning, they also lend their hands to other services such as alteration, wedding gown cleaning, curtain cleaning, and many more! Find out more about their other services by calling their hotline.


4.  Schoffields Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Peterborough | 4

BEST FOR 4.4-rating on Google with 19 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, family-owned business, pickup and delivery
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services, Ironing Services, Alterations & Repairs, Shoe Repairs, and Curtain Cleaning
PRICING Call their hotline for rates
ADDRESS 25 Herlington, Peterborough PE2 5PN
CONTACT 01733 233501

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call their hotline for inquiries

Schoffields Dry Cleaners is a family-owned laundry and dry cleaning service that operates in Peterboroughs and serves other nearby areas. Throughout their years of service, what made them ultimately successful is their team of professional and trained cleaners who are all experienced in dealing with all types of fabric and can definitely deliver results that you paid for. Besides this, they provide themselves on being a company that puts a premium on customer services, never compromising their workmanship for money. They will always try their best to resolve all your cleaning concerns — from everyday shirts and blankets to formal attires and specialty items.


5.  Easywash Laundry & Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Peterborough | 5

BEST FOR 5.0-rating on Google reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, regular weekly or fortnight collections, residential and commercial clients,
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Wash/Dry/Fold, and Ironing Services
PRICING Call their hotline for rates
ADDRESS 8 Skaters Way, Peterborough PE4 6NB
CONTACT 01733 576503
PAYMENT Call their hotline for inquiries

Serving both domestic and business clients, Easywash Laundry & Dry Cleaners is here to answer all your cleaning needs, from dirty clothes to missing buttons and wrinkled shirts. They have been serving commercial and residential customers in Peterborough since 1995, making them one of the city’s most trusted and efficient dry cleaners. As a way of making the process more convenient for their customers, they also offer collection services, available from Monday to Friday. Whether you are at home or at the office, they will go to wherever you.

Are you also in rush to have your clothes dry cleaned? Worry no more because with their same-day service, you will be able to receive your garments within the day give that you follow their required drop off time.


6.  The Wash Basket

Dry Cleaner Peterborough | 6

BEST FOR professional dry cleaning and laundry services, commercial laundry services, online booking system for dry cleaning, free delivery
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Personal Laundry, Duvets & Pillows, Wedding Dresses, Curtains, and Commercial Services
PRICING Call their hotline for rates
ADDRESS Unit 29 Barnwell Workshops, Barnwell, Peterborough, PE8 5PL
CONTACT 01832 274550

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call their hotline for inquiries

The Wash Basket is a dry cleaning and laundry service that has both commercial and domestic clients, proving that their services meet the standards of corporations and residents. Despite being in the business for almost 25 years, their rates remain competitive and affordable. Loyal customers could attest that their prices are honest and never crosses the threshold of being overboard, unlike other companies that raise their prices over the years. In line with this, their years of operation also speak of their commitment to provide their clients with quality services.

Since they are also dedicated to making their services more convenient for their customers, they came with an online booking system that allows their customers to place an order without going out of the house. Lastly, they cover areas within a 50 mile-radius from Peterborough, Oundle, Northampton, Cambridge, and up to Stamford.

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