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The 10 Best Options for Carpet Cleaning in Leeds

November 23, 2018
Best Options Carpet Cleaning Leeds

Carpets and rugs are precious and expensive floor coverings that make your home or workplace a lively place. But they are also known for dirt, grime, oil, and stains that cling stubbornly to their fibers. That is why you need special care for them to make them clean and good as new. That is why we have compiled a list of the best options for carpet cleaning in Leeds. These companies are at the top of their game and are highly recommended by their previous customers.

1.  Squeak and Bubbles

Best Carpet Cleaning Leeds | Squeak and Bubbles

BEST FORDBS checked, fully insured, QCF qualified and experienced carpet cleaners, eco-friendly carpet cleaning products
SERVICES/SCOPEDomestic Carpet Cleaning, Office Upholstery Cleaning, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Move In/Move Out Cleaning
PRICINGCall or email for a free quote
ADDRESS9 Raynville Street

Bramley, Leeds LS13 2PS

CONTACT+44 789-108-0692 | +44 800-195-2544 | [email protected]
PAYMENTCash or online bank transfer

Squeak and Bubbles has been named as a top carpet cleaning service in Leeds in 2018. And if you search for them on a search engine, theirs is the name that you would often find at the top. That is because their customers are greatly satisfied with their service and they have provided spectacular reviews for the firm. And rightly so.

The company is DBS checked, which means they employ only individuals with clean records and who are able to work well with and around different types of people. Thus, you can rest assured that you are only letting trustworthy and qualified individuals into your homes and workplaces.

And when it comes to their work ethics, Squeak and Bubbles is second to none. Their previous clients have noted their promptness and friendliness. They are also very responsive to any questions you might have regarding their services and methods.

As for their cleaning procedure, the carpet cleaners only utilize the best equipment. They invest thousands of pounds on their machines to make sure that every deep-seated dust and dirt is sucked out of your precious carpets. Aside from that, they only use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Not only is this good for the environment, it is great for your family and employees too! These solutions do not contain harmful chemicals and irritants so your carpets are fresh and clean without being harmful to occupants.

2.  Fabricmax

Best Carpet Cleaning Leeds | Fabricmax

BEST FORMarket-leading machines, powerful steaming and vacuuming, eco and standard cleaning supplies, odour removal, stain removal treatment, quality guarantee
SERVICES/SCOPEResidential Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Maintenance, Commercial Carpet Cleaning,
PRICINGCall for a free survey and quote
ADDRESS335 Stanningley Road

Leeds LS13 4AW

CONTACT+44 800-195-9896 | +44 777-623-4838 | [email protected]
PAYMENTBACS, cheque, or cash payment

Fabricmax is another leading carpet cleaning service in Leeds. Their customers are very happy with their cleaning jobs for carpets, as they uphold their promises in delivering clean, fresh, and totally dry carpets. This is made possible by the company’s use of market-leading machines for washing and removal of deeply burrowed dirt and grime that are powerful yet gentle even on your delicate carpets and rugs. Aside from that, they have steaming and vacuuming equipment that give you a dry carpet after 2 hours only.

To ensure that your carpets are at their best after cleaning and drying, Fabricmax utilizes both eco and standard cleaning supplies. These are tried and tested solutions that are safe for your carpets. And if you have any carpets made of wool, the company’s service crews employ the appropriate wool-safe solutions. They even have colour-safe chemicals that preserve and maintain the bright colours of your carpet.

Moreover, Fabricmax guarantees that after their cleaning service, bad odours will be removed. They take care of stains as well and can completely remove the fresh ones. For older stains, they promise that you an improvement.

3.  CarpetMonsters

Best Carpet Cleaning Leeds | CarpetMonsters

BEST FORLow Temperature Cleaning, Reliable & Trustworthy Local Carpet Cleaning Service
SERVICES/SCOPEDomestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, End of Tenancy Agreement Cleaning, Commercial Floor Cleaning
PRICINGContact the company for a free quote
PAYMENTMajor credit or debit cards, cash, cheque

CarpetMonsters provides carpet cleaning in Leeds, Wakfield, Harrogate, York, Barnsley, Huddersfield, Doncaster & Sheffield postcodes. They are available Monday to Friday, 24hrs, for quotes and bookings. They also take bookings on Saturdays and Sundays.

Their expertise include dirt & grit removal, chemical clean using pet-friendly products, as well as chemical extraction using pet-friendly & PH Balanced solution with deodourising properties. For fast drying, they make use of the most powerful and latest machinery in carpet cleaning. Finally, to avoid shrinkage, especially wool-blended carpeting, a non-steam cleaning process (low temperature) is used. While this can take a little longer, it will be a better solution to retain the quality of the carpet.

4.  FabriClean

Best Carpet Cleaning Leeds | FabriClean

BEST FORDBS checked, specialist rug and carpet cleaning, micro splitting products, bonnet cleaning method
SERVICES/SCOPECarpet & Rug Collection Service, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Floor Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning
PRICINGContact for a quote
ADDRESS136 Shadwell Lane

Leeds LS17 6AP

CONTACT+44 113-268-5837 | +44 797-344-2932 | [email protected]
PAYMENTCash, bank transfer, or cheque

FabriClean is a family-owned carpet cleaning business in Leeds that has been servicing homes and workplace in the area for more than 20 years. They remain as one of the top choices for carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning in and around the city because of their high cleaning standards. They maintain excellent customer relations as well, which is why their existing and previous clients were impressed and gave them glowing remarks in their feedback.

With FabriClean, you can rest assured that your special carpets and rugs are safe in their hands. They use only the appropriate methods for certain types to ensure that they last longer and are immaculate despite the thorough cleaning. The company utilizes micro-splitting products as well, which are cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and saline-based. With these, dirt is fully detached from your carpet and rug fibres before being scrubbed or vacuumed off.

As for their commercial carpet cleaning, FabriClean employs the bonnet cleaning method with the latest carpet cleaning equipment. This allows the encapsulation fluid to crytalise in the carpets, making them easier to remove during the bonnet buffing process. After this, you can be confident that your carpets make your office a place conducive for productivity.

5.  Esteamed Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning Leeds | Esteamed Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

BEST FORPowerful Hot Water Extraction, Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning, VLM Dry Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal
SERVICES/SCOPECarpet, Upholstery, Stain Removal, Office, End of Tenancy, Hard Flooring
PRICINGContact the company for a quote
CONTACT01134 601013 / 01423 619013 / 07977 090782 | [email protected]
PAYMENTMajor credit cards, cash, cheque, or bank transfer

Esteamed Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning uses the most advanced eco-friendly stain removal products on the market today. This ensures stain removal is easier and stains are dealt with as quickly as possible. They offer an extensive range of professional products, solutions and knowledge to deal with even the most stubborn stains, including professional carpet, rug upholstery and other specialist cleaning services.

Esteamed Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning  offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and full insurance. They also provide professional, powerful, advanced steam extraction and low moisture and dry carpet cleaning systems. Their professional cleaning process utilises natural child and pet-friendly products to create a healthier and fresher home and office environment. Carpets are clean and dry in approximately 1-4 hours to minimise downtime for the workplace or keep your home clean in no time.

6.  MS Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning Leeds | MS Cleaning

BEST FORRegistered with the Environment Department; Recycling for the future; Extensive expertise and experience; Great customer care; Liveried vehicles & uniformed staff
SERVICES/SCOPECarpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, End of Tenancy Blitz Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Outside Cleaning, Flood and Fire Damage and Restoration,Commercial Cleaning – Nursing Homes, Pubs and Offices
Lounge: £16.00
Dining Room: £16.00
Bedroom: £16.00
Hall, Stairs, Landing: £16.00
Bathroom: £5.00
Kitchen: £10.00
3 Bed Whole House: £45.00
Any 2 Carpets: £25.00
Rugs from: £3.00
Stain Removal / Free Deodorizing / Fully Insured / Fast Drying / Protective Treatments: Contact for a quote
ADDRESSHalifax, West Yorkshire
CONTACT01422 365636 | [email protected]
PAYMENTMajor credit cards, cash, cheque, bank transfer

MS Cleaning is one of the best priced cleaning services within West Yorkshire. They offer a full professional carpet cleaning service including stain removal, high traffic lane areas and deoderising bad pet odours. Stain guarding is also available to help your carpets last longer. MS Cleaning will leave your carpets looking brighter and smelling fresher.

Rugs are also cleaned either on site or can be taken away for an additional cost and returned clean and dry. They clean wool rugs, oriental, etc. Their carpet cleaning service includes residential carpets and commercial carpets such as those in pubs, nursing homes, offices, schools, etc. They areas they are are Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, and Halifax.

7.  The City Cleaners

Best Carpet Cleaning Leeds | The City Cleaners

BEST FORSlow and thorough carpet cleaning, special cleaning agents, micro-splitting technology, acidic wool rinse, Scotchgard application
SERVICES/SCOPESynthetic & Wool Carpet Cleaning, Specialized Carpet & Rug Cleaning, Scotch Guard for Carpets & Rugs, Curtain Cleaning, Upholstery & Soft Furnishings Cleaning, Floor Surfaces Cleaning
PRICINGContact for a free quote
ADDRESS56 Ridge Terrace

Leeds LS6 2DA

CONTACT+44 773-348-6333 | [email protected]
PAYMENTCash, cheque, or bank transfer

The City Cleaners are a leading carpet cleaning company that services customers in and around Leeds. Whether it is for a residential or commercial cleaning, they answer your call. And every time, they offer reasonable pricing and give you top quality service. They have a flexible schedule and can go to your home or workplace any day. On top of that, the company also accepts evening appointments, which is beneficial if you prefer not to be disturbed during the day or if you encounter an issue that requires an emergency service at night.

With regard to their cleaning methodology, The City Cleaners are slow and thorough with your carpet and rugs, especially when they are Persian or are made from wool. For these special types, the service crews use only special cleaning agents to maintain the color in your Persian rugs while making sure they are hygienic after the wash. The company’s cleaners also use acidic wool rinse for wool-made carpets to protect the fibres.

Once the cleaning is done, The City Cleaners apply Scotchgard to protect your carpets and rugs from wear.

8.  Blue Lion Homecare

Best Carpet Cleaning Leeds | Blue Lion Homecare

BEST FORSystematic cleaning methodology, highest quality yet safe cleaning solutions,
SERVICES/SCOPEDomestic Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Leather Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Deep Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & Stain Guarding
PRICINGAny single carpet for £10, any 3 carpets for £95, deep cleaning of 2 carpets for £75, charge of £30 for additional carpets. For rugs and commercial carpet cleaning, call for a quote.
ADDRESS17 Alan Crescent

Leeds LS15 0JA

CONTACT+44 784-062-1736 | [email protected]
PAYMENTCash, cheque, or bank transfer

Blue Lion Homecare is a carpet cleaning service in Leeds that has budget-friendly price ranges for their different cleaning services. They even have carpet cleaning bundles that are best if you have multiple carpets in your home. With them, you can expect top-notch cleaning of your rugs and carpets without breaking the bank.

Regardless of the number of rugs and carpets you need cleaned, Blue Lion Homecare is systematic and thorough in their task. They have a pre-cleaning procedure that entails spraying your carpets with a gentle solution. This breaks down stains, dirt, and soil to make them easier to remove during the rinsing process. For the latter, they use only a powerful extraction machine that can eliminate strong clinging dirt and grime. After which, you only have to wait for your carpets and rugs to dry to see how clean and fresh smelling they have become.

9.  Owlet Carpet Care

Best Carpet Cleaning Leeds | Owlet Carpet Care

BEST FORTop-of-the-line equipment and cleaning products, cleaning products tailored to carpet types, carpet protector application
SERVICES/SCOPEDeep Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Protection, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning
PRICINGRequest a free quote online or by phone
ADDRESSScotland Lane


Leeds LS18 5HW,

CONTACT+44 794-138-6418 | [email protected]
PAYMENTCash, cheque, or bank transfer

Owlet Carpet Care is an expert carpet cleaning service provider. The company is a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, which certifies them a trustworthy firm for your carpet cleaning needs. Their members are well trained and knowledgeable in their tasks and are insured to work in your homes or offices.

With Owlet Carpet Care, you can expect only professional and exhaustive carpet cleaning services. They use some of the best equipment available in doing their jobs to make sure that your carpets are clean and good as new. The company’s service crews also utilize the most appropriate cleaning solutions for different types to clean them thoroughly yet ensure that they retain their shine and quality.

Once Owlet Carpet Care is done with the cleaning, washing, and drying, they apply a carpet protector. This guards your precious carpets against dirt, liquid, and oils that may seep into them to make them last longer.

10. Leeds Carpet Cleaning Co

BEST FOR5.0-rating from 5 Google reviews; Carpet and upholstery cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPEDeep Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Protection, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning
PRICINGRequest a free quote online or by phone
ADDRESSOff Peacock Green, Morley, Leeds LS27 8UY, United Kingdom
CONTACTTel.0113 4500652
[email protected]
PAYMENTContact for more information

Leeds Carpet Cleaning Co is a family run company with collectively 9 years carpet and upholstery cleaning etc. Their cleaning specialists have learned the best solutions for fibres, wool, leather, upholstery , which machines & chemicals to use.

They use a  £2900 PROCHEM USA industrial machinery, and they are a MAYBUR CHEMICALS approved contractor and a PROCHEM Machinery approved contractor, insured with DIRECT LINE INSURANCE.

These best options for carpet cleaning in Leeds have their own methodology, equipment, and supplies in doing their jobs. So you may want to take stock of your carpet cleaning needs, tell your selected companies about them, and see if they can meet your requirements.

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