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The 6 Best Options for Dry Cleaners in Leicester

November 20, 2019
Dry Cleaner Leicester

Doing laundry is such a time-consuming and stress-inducing task that thinking about already drains all our remaining energy. Instead of spending our free time reading a book or catching up on sleep to prepare for the next work week, we waste it all on scrubbing our clothes and tiring out our arms. Laundry is considered a universal chore that everyone does, but we can all agree that only a few love doing it. If you are one of the people who despise doing laundry, you are in luck because we just compiled the best options for dry cleaning in Leicester. Read below to know more about them.


1.  The Leicester Dry Cleaning Company

Dry Cleaner Leicester | 1

BEST FOR 4.7-rating on Google with 7 reviews; same-day dry cleaning services
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Wash & Dry Service, and Alterations
PRICING 2-Piece Suit                   12.99

3-Piece Suit                   14.99

Jacket                             8.99

Trousers                            6.99

Tie                                      2.99

Jumper                               6.99

ADDRESS 151 Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 6FE
CONTACT 0116 233 0084
PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

The Leicester Dry Cleaning Company has been one of the most trusted dry cleaning and laundry services in the area since the start of their operation. If you are still unsure about the benefits of dry cleaning, they are open to talk to you through their hotline — just give them a call, and they will offer friendly advice related to dry cleaning for free. You will surely enjoy talking to their very accommodating staff.

For people who are in a rush to have their clothes dry cleaned, they also offer same-day service as long as the clothes reach their store before 1:00 PM. Once done, they will give you a call that your clothes are already ready to be picked up.


2.  Timpson

Dry Cleaner Leicester | 2

BEST FOR professional dry cleaning, laundry, and locksmith services, with over 520 stores all over the UK, member of Textile Service Association
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Wedding Dress Cleaning, Laundry Services, Suede & Leather Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, and Repairs & Alterations
PRICING Call their hotline to know their rates
ADDRESS Freemans Park Aylestone Road Leicester LE2 7LT
CONTACT 0116 254 0089
PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

 Timpson is famously known for being an all-around service provider, offering services from dry cleaning and laundry to locksmith and carpet cleaning. With over 500 dry cleaners stores scattered all over the country, they are able to fulfill their goals of improving the lives of their customers through sparkling clean clothes. To ensure that their customers receive only the best results, they use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and have sent their cleaners to a rigorous training that involves stain removal, operating, and finishing.

Above all, they also care for their customers’ professional lives. If you are unemployed and have an interview coming up, they will clean your formal clothes for free!


3.  Syston Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Leicester | 3

BEST FOR 5.0-rating on Google with 12 reviews; rated as one of the top dry cleaners in Leicester
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services, Alterations & Repairs, and Carpet & Rug Cleaning
PRICING Two Piece Suit   12.50

Three Piece Suit   13.50

Evening Two Piece Suit   14.50

Evening Three Piece Suit   15.00

Trousers    6.50

Suit Jacket    6.50

Skirt     5.50

Pleated Skirt     7.00

ADDRESS 5 High Street Syston Leicester LE7 1GP
CONTACT 0116 269 7707
PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

 One thing to love about family-operated dry cleaning businesses is that they have a small, tight-knit staff, most comprised of family business. This allows them to get to know their customers on a deeper level and understand their cleaning preferences. In short, family-run dry cleaning businesses also treat their customers as family, as someone to care for and satisfy. All the mentioned qualities are present in Syston Dry Cleaners. For a competitive price, they will provide services that will make you feel appreciated.

You no longer need to be anxious about whether your clothes are being treated properly because they use quality and top cleaning equipment to ensure that all clothes are cleaned thoroughly.


4.  Bradgate Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Leicester | 4

BEST FOR professional dry cleaning services
PRICING Call their hotline to know their rates
ADDRESS 4 Bradgate Rd, Anstey, Leicester LE7 7AA
CONTACT 0116 235 9379
PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

 Bradgate Dry Cleaners is one of the lesser known dry cleaners that operate in Leicester. Although small in scale, they have demonstrated that they can offer services that level with the services of their large and intimidating competitors. Not much is written on their website, but their reviews show that you will be in good hands when you choose them as your dry cleaner. To know more about them, do not hesitate to give them a ring.


5.  Claredon Laundry

Dry Cleaner Leicester | 5

BEST FOR professional dry cleaning and laundry services, single-wash and bulk service, self service
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Bedding, Alterations & Repairs, Ironing, and Commercial Services
PRICING Call their hotline for more details
ADDRESS 121 St Leonards Road Clarendon Park LE2 3BZ
CONTACT 0116 270 3093

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

 If you want a dry cleaner that prioritizes not only your time but also your convenience, then you should definitely check out Clarendon Cleaners. Their aim is to provide quality laundry and dry cleaning services that go beyond anyone’s expectations of what a cleaning service provider can do. To achieve quality workmanship, they don’t just use ordinary cleaning products and equipment, they use award-winning detergents and machinery, all proven to be capable of making garments look fresh and brand new.

Besides workmanship, customer service is also one of their strong suits. They are known for building a close professional relationship with their customers, treating them as their own family. This allows them to subtly modify their services to accommodate the preferences of their customers.


6.  Supacare

Dry Cleaner Leicester | 6

BEST FOR professional dry cleaning and laundry services
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Wedding Dress Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Duvet Cleaning, and Clothing Repairs & Alterations
PRICING Call their hotline for more details
ADDRESS 79 Sibson Road Birstall Leicester LE4 4DX
CONTACT 0116 267 1576

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

 Operating for more than 20 years now, Supacare has grown into one of Leicester’s most dependable dry cleaners, improving the lives of the residents through clean and fresh garments. With their years of experience in the business, they are confident to proclaim that they have the knowledge and expertise in dealing with all types of clothes and fabric — from jackets and suits to wedding dresses and specialty clothing.


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