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The 8 Best Options for Dry Cleaners in Hoboken

November 20, 2019
Dry Cleaner Hoboken

If you are a person who literally has no time to do laundry on weekends, we strongly suggest that you hire the services of dry cleaners and launderers. If there is anything that service providers can give you besides sparkling clean clothes and household items, it is the ability to control and manage your time. While the dry cleaners are working on your clothes, you get to catch up on sleep, read a good book, hang out with friends, or simply lounge around the house doing nothing. Who would not love to do all these things?

Since we want to help you achieve this, we have compiled the best and most trusted dry cleaners in Hoboken. Read below to know more about how these dry cleaners help improve the lives of their customers.


1.  Bass Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Hoboken | 1

BEST FOR5.0-rating on Google with 6 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, affordable rates
SERVICES/SCOPEDry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, Wash & Fold, Tailoring & Alterations, Leather & Suede, and Linens
PRICINGMen’s 2 Piece Suit          $ 9.25 & Up

Jackets / Blazers                    $ 6.00 & Up

Trousers / Pants             $ 4.75 & Up

Blouse                             $ 4.00 & Up

Ladies 2 Piece Suits        $ 9.25 & Up

Dresses                            $ 9.95 & Up

Skirts                                       $.4.75 & Up

Shirts / Polo                             $ 4.75

Coats                                       $ 20.00 & Up

Hoodie                                     $ 6.00 & Up

Outer Jacket – Down       $ 20.00 & Up

Ties                                         $ 4.00 & Up

ADDRESS56 Jefferson St # 1, Hoboken, NJ 07030
CONTACT201 6533221

[email protected]

PAYMENTCall their hotline for more details

If you are looking for a dry cleaner that cares for your clothes as much as you do, then look no further than Bass Cleaners. Besides dry cleaning, they offer a wide variety of services that include alterations, leather cleaning, shirt laundry, and wash & fold. No matter how stubborn the stain that has been ruining your clothes is, they promise to remove it from the face of your favorite garment.


2.  Coastal Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Hoboken | 2

BEST FOR4.8-rating on Google with 31 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, organic dry cleaning, fully licensed and insured, mobile application for booking
SERVICES/SCOPEDry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, Alterations, Wedding Gown Preservation, and Household Cleaning
PRICINGPants – $5.25

Blouse/Top – $5.25

Skirt – $5.25

Shorts – $5.25

Vest – $5.25

Sport Jacket – $5.50

Scarf – $5.25

Polo – $5.25

Sweater – $5.95

Tie – $4.00

Dress – $9.95

ADDRESS1125 Maxwell Ln, Hoboken, NJ 07030
CONTACT201 744 9034

[email protected]

PAYMENTCall their hotline for more details

Coastal Cleaners is a laundromat and dry cleaner that services most of Hoboken and other nearby area. Throughout their years of operation, they have been known for having affordable and competitive rates for their services despite being one of the most in demand dry cleaners in the entire New Jersey area. As a business, it is part of their goal to make the dry cleaning experience easier and more hassle-free for their customers. This is why they have come up with their own mobile application wherein customers can book their services and schedule and collection time most convenient for them without going out of the house.

In addition, they are also a company dedicated to having services that create no negative impact on the environment. Hence, their use of green and eco-friendly cleaning solutions and equipment. Every year, they also set a recycling-related goal, and this year, their goal is to recycle 25,000 hangers. Talk about being committed to their advocacy!


3.  Riverside Laundry

Dry Cleaner Hoboken | 3

BEST FOR4.8-rating on Google with 51 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, online booking of services, pickup and delivery services
SERVICES/SCOPEOrganic Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold Services, Shirt Laundry, Tailoring & Alterations, and Fire & Water Restoration
PRICINGCall their hotline for rates
ADDRESS155 West 21st Street, (bet. 6th & 7th Avenue)
CONTACT646 759 0040

[email protected]

PAYMENTCall their hotline for more details

Riverside Laundry has been improving the lives of Hoboken residents by carrying the burden of doing their laundry since the 1980’s. As one of the leading dry cleaners in the area, they have proven a long time ago that they are capable of meeting the intense demands of their customers without sacrificing the quality of their services. Whether you are an old or a new customer, they promise to handle your clothes in the finest way possible, making sure that they will return the garments to you in their best condition yet.


4.  Direct Laundry

Dry Cleaner Hoboken | 4

BEST FOR4.0-rating on Google with 22 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, commercial services
SERVICES/SCOPEDry Cleaning, Wash & Fold Services, and Commercial Services
PRICINGCall their hotline for rates
ADDRESS421 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
CONTACT(201) 239-8001

[email protected]

PAYMENTCall their hotline for more details

Servicing both domestic and commercial clients, Direct Laundry has grown into dry cleaner that is favored by residents and business owners alike. If you want an efficient, fast, and at the same time, affordable dry cleaning services, then you should definitely check them out. As per their website, they have a set of the most updated and advanced cleaning equipment that allows them to work on their customers’ garments effectively and quicker than usual. You would also no need to wait for a long time because they promise to deliver back your garments within 24 hours of drop off!

If you would like to know more about the dry cleaning process, do not hesitate to drop by their shop and ask their staff personally. They will be more than willing to answer any of your queries confidently as they know their way around fabric care.


5.  Orange Wash Laundromat

Dry Cleaner Hoboken | 5

BEST FORprofessional dry cleaning and laundry services, offers free parking and WiFi, free pick and delivery
SERVICES/SCOPEDry Cleaning, Wash & Fold Services, Laundry Services, and Bulk Wash
PRICINGCall their hotline for rates
ADDRESS301 Jackson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
CONTACT(201) 659-6901

PAYMENTCall their hotline for more details

Orange Wash Laundromat focuses mainly on dry cleaning and laundry services for both small and bulk orders, making them perfect for residents and business owners, respectively. As a business, their goal is for their customers to always have clean and fresh clothes at all times, and be free from the worry of doing the laundry over the weekend. If you let them handle your clothes, they promise that you will have sparkling clean white shirts within just a couple of hours. No need to wait for a couple of days unlike other dry cleaning companies. They also offer self-service laundry for people who want to personally do their laundry outside their home. Customers would not get bored waiting for their laundry to finish as there is a TV and free WiFi to keep them entertained.


6.  Tiffany Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Hoboken | 6

BEST FORprofessional dry cleaning and laundry services, free pickup and delivery services
SERVICES/SCOPEDry Cleaning, Shirt Laundering, Wash & Fold, Fine Linen, and Leather & Fur
PRICINGPants $5.25+

Shirts $1.95+

2ps Suit $ 10.95+

Dress $9.95+ ​

ADDRESS31104 Washington St Hoboken, New Jersey

[email protected]

PAYMENTCall their hotline for more details

Tiffany Dry Cleaners is a family-owned and -operated business that services residents of Hoboken and other nearby areas. Despite being a small dry cleaner amongst their giant competitors, they have managed to collect a huge following of customers that swear by their professionalism and workmanship. To ensure that their customers only get the quality services that they paid for, they only utilize the industry’s most advanced and latest cleaning techniques, on top of being an environmentally conscious company.


7. Prime Time Cleaners

BEST FORGreen dry cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPEDry cleaning, Ironing, Household textiles, Duvet and bed linen, Shirt services, Laundry services, Wedding dresses, Alterations and repairs, Leather and suede
CONTACT DETAILS(347) 495 – 5320 | [email protected]
PAYMENTAccepts PayPal for payments

Prime Time Cleaners understands the need for quality cleaning services. On the other hand, they are also aware of the negative impact that the cleaning industry has on the environment, which is why they constantly strive to offer services that won’t do too much damage on our planet.

They have achieved this by using Hydrocarbon solvent for dry cleaning, alongside top quality Japanese equipment to give all of your garments the VIP treatment they deserve.


8. Laundryless

BEST FORDry cleaning services
SERVICES/SCOPEDry cleaning, wash and fold
ADDRESS927 Willow Ave Hoboken,NJ 07030
PAYMENTContact shop for more details

The truth of the matter is that many of us are too busy to put in the time to care for our delicate garments. This is where Laundryless enters the picture. They’ve dedicated their business to doing the job — and doing it well! — for you.

Not only do they serve individual customers, but also caters to small businesses as well. So, if you ever need a dependable dry cleaning service to help out with your cleaning workload, you know who to go to: Laundryless.



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