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The 7 Best Options for Dry Cleaners in Nashville

November 20, 2019
Dry Cleaner Nashville

More often than not, the clothes we wear every day require regular dry cleaning and maintenance that only professional dry cleaners and laundry services are able to provide. Despite this, some people still think that hiring the services of dry cleaners are a waste of money when you can do the actual work yourself. We must ask ourselves this question: are we doing more harm than good when you do the work ourselves? We must also remember that there are clothes that do not react well with hand washing or dry cleaning. If you too are clueless about this thing, we suggest that you seek help from professional dry cleaning services to prevent further damage from happening.

To make your research easier, we compiled the best and most reliable dry cleaners in Nashville. In compiling them, we considered the range of their services and their prices. We hope that by the end of this article, you become convinced that paying for their service is worth every penny.


1.  Oakwood Cleaners

Oakwood Cleaners Homepage

BEST FOR 4.3-rating on Google with 40 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, free pickup and delivery, GreenEarth Cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services, Wedding Gown Cleaning, and Alterations
PRICING Check out their website for the complete list of prices
ADDRESS 73 WhiteBridge Rd.  Nashville

4833 Lebonon Pike, Hermitage

CONTACT (615) 620 6095

(615) 885 1281

PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

Oak Cleaners is a dry cleaning and laundry service in Nashville that provides answers to all your cleaning and clothing concerns. As experts in dry cleaning, they liken the process of dry cleaning to someone having a “spa day.” It relaxes you, removes your stress, and brightens up your mood and energy, allowing you to exude a vibe that makes everyone stares at you. Now, imagine that happening to your clothes. Since they are one of the most important possessions we have, Oak Cleaners wants them to always look clean and fresh.

In addition, Oak Cleaners is famous for their workmanship and customer service. To ensure that customers will get the dry cleaning experience they paid for, they make sure to have their staff undergo several training that will teach all about fabricare which they can apply on their work. So, if you are looking for a dry cleaner that not only cares for you but their employees as well, we highly recommend that you check them out!


2.  Nicholson Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Nashville | 2

BEST FOR professional dry cleaning and laundry services, pickup and delivery, environmentally friendly cleaning process
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Shirt Service, Alterations, Household Items, Fine Linens, Wedding Gowns, Wash & Fold, and Deluxe Services
PRICING Call their hotline for their rates
ADDRESS 419 Gallatin Ave Nashville, TN 37206
CONTACT (615) 228 4332
PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

Nicholas Cleaners has been serving Nashville and its residents for over 70 years now, making it both a pioneer and an institution of cleaning services in the area. Despite being in the business for far too long, their priorities never change. They remain to be the company that provides unparalleled and uncompromising cleaning services. If there is one that should convince you to flock to their shop, it is the fact that they have passed the test of time. On top of this, they can change your view of dry cleaners being the same — the difference is that they are dedicated and pour their hearts into what they do.

In terms of their dry cleaning, they like to take their time to perfect everything — from pre-spotting down to the moment your garments get packed. If they notice a loose hems or missing buttons during their cleaning, they will fix them without a charge. Just to add, their cleaning processes are eco-friendly and safe your family. You can get to be relieved that there is no damage done to your family, clothes, nor to the environment.


3.  Life Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner Nashville | 3

BEST FOR 4.4-rating on Google with 19 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, eco-friendly services, same-day services, free pickup and delivery
PRICING Call their hotline for their rates
ADDRESS 2214 8th Ave S, Nashville, Tennessee 37204
CONTACT (615) 982 8059
PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

Life Dry Cleaners is the perfect match for people who have no time to do laundry or drive all the way to the laundry shop to drop off their laundry. With their free pickup and delivery services, you get to save time and energy because all you need to do is schedule a pickup time and pack your dirty laundry. This allows you to focus on more important things, catch up on backlogs, spend time with family, or simply just relax without thinking of anything. Besides this, it is part of their mission to be a green company that conserves resources and does not use harmful and strong chemicals. With their eco-friendly cleaning technology, you can expect a premium level type of dry cleaning.


4.  Pure Green Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaner Nashville | 4

BEST FOR professional dry cleaning and laundry services, residential and commercial services, green dry cleaning, free pickup and delivery
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services, Alterations, Linen Services, Shoe Repair & Cleaning, Suede & Leather Cleaning, Household Items and Wedding Gown Preservation
PRICING Men’s Dress Shirts: $2.99

Men’s Box Shirt: $3.90

Pants: $6.99

2 Pc Suits: $14.15

Blouse: $6.15

Skirt: $6.15

Jeans: $6.15

Dress: $14.10

Vest: $6.15

Sweaters: $6.15

Sports Jacket: $8.00

ADDRESS 025 Murfreesboro Pike Nashville, TN 37211
CONTACT (855) 998 7873
PAYMENT Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

Servicing the greater Nashville area, Pure Green Dry Cleaners has been the go-to source of safe and eco-friendly services of most residents, entrusting them with their basic everyday clothes and formal wear. Staying true to their name, they specialize in environmentally friendly cleaning services that stay away from using harmful chemicals and make no unnecessary waste. They know how an act as little as using biodegradable solvents can make a big impact on the environment.

If you are curious to try out their services, just sign up on their website. Once they get your information, they will contact you on the details of your order.


5.  Doorstep Dry Cleaning

Doorstep Dry Cleaning Homepage

BEST FOR 4.2-rating on Google with 41 reviews; Nashville’s most reviewed and highest rated dry cleaner, night time pickup and delivery services
PRICING Call their hotline for rates
ADDRESS 2807 Bransford Ave, Nashville, TN, 37204
CONTACT (615) 945 9790

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

With the rise of app-based cleaning services in Nashville, Doorstep Dry Cleaning came up with their own unique service that will make their business stand out from their competitors. While most dry cleaners only conduct daytime delivery, they offer night time services for people who are busy the entire daytime which prevents them to organize and drop off their dirty clothes in the laundry shop. Booking their services is quite easy, just download their application, schedule a pick up date and time, wait for the valet to collect your items, and then do whatever you want as they take care of everything. Besides convenience, what they can ultimately provide to their clients is the luxury of time to do what they want without worrying about their pile of laundry.


6.  Lapels Dry Cleaning

Lapels Dry Cleaning Homepage

BEST FOR 4.0-rating on Google reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, 100 % environmentally friendly dry cleaning, free pickup and delivery services, same-day services
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, Household Items, Wedding Gowns, Shoes Repair, Leather & Suede Cleaning, Wash & Fold, and Alterations & Repairs
PRICING Call their hotline for rates
ADDRESS 6019 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211
CONTACT (615) 567 6688
PAYMENT Call their hotline for more details

If you are searching for a dry cleaner that cares for the environment as much as you do, then look no further than Lapels Dry Cleaning. As one of the most in demand dry cleaners in the entire Nashville area, they seek to modernize the dry-cleaning process by using the best and safest cleaning solutions available partnered with the most advanced cleaning technology available in the market today. They are aware of how the dry cleaning industry rests on the usage of questionable chemicals solvents that are effective on cleaning garments but have potentially-risky effects not only to the environment but to the user of garments of as well. Thus, they are trying to make it right by doing away with the traditional way of dry cleaning, and it has worked well for them because customers seem to love their take on process. Above all, they can virtually dry clean any garment you own — from formal suits, gowns, and blazers down to everyday clothes like shirts, shorts, and sweaters.


7. Ace Dry Cleaners

Ace Dry Cleaners Homepage

BEST FOR High quality dry cleaning and restoration
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Alterations, Curtain Cleaning, Steam Pressing, Leather Cleaning, Bed Linen Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning
PRICING Contact shop to get a quote
ADDRESS 3676 Bell Rd, Nashville, TN 37214, United States
CONTACT DETAILS (615) 889-3300
PAYMENT Contact for payment details

Professionalism, excellence, and timeliness are the three best words to describe the services of Ace Dry Cleaners. Their wide range of dry cleaning services covers all kinds of clothing and garments including coats, dresses, men and women suits, skirts, silk to leather, to curtains and wedding dresses.

You can also entrust them your favorite suede and leather garments as well as bed lines as their well-trained technicians guarantee to properly take care of your possessions while keeping their standards high.

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