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8 Best Options for Carpet Cleaning in London

February 18, 2019



Beautiful to look and feel, carpets can make your abode your own. However, in the course of time, dirt and grime accumulate through it causing allergies and issues at your home. Maintenance and care of your carpets are the key. Below are the eight (8) of the best carpet cleaning options for your home in London.

1. CarpetBright UK


Award-winning carpet cleaning company. Voted as the best carpet cleaner in Bromley & Croydon

SERVICES/SCOPE Stain removal, Dust mite removal, Water staining, Deodorizing, and Odour removal
PRICING Request a quote online
ADDRESS Head Office

Carpet Bright UK

Airport House,

Purley Way,




CONTACT 0203 011 5590

PAYMENT Credit/ Debit card payment or bank transfer

CarpetBright is an award-winning carpet cleaning company that is highly recommended by its clients. Currently they hold a 5.0-star rating and reviews from 315 customers in google alone. Their clients are always satisfied with the great quality, thorough yet quick cleaning service the CarpetBright provides. They also ensure that your carpets would be thoroughly cleaned, almost good as new.

CarpetBright is also known with their courteous and friendly professionals. Maintaining a constant communication with their clients regarding their schedule. They also notify their clients in advance if there would be delays.

Moreover, CarpetBright also offers services in cleaning curtains, upholstery, rugs, and mattresses.

2. Eco Cleaning London

BEST FOR Eco-friendly cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE Steam Cleaning Method, Low-moisture and Dry option cleaning
PRICING Call for a free quote
ADDRESS Belgravia, London, UK.

020 3598 6188

PAYMENT Cash, Cheque, Card

If one wants to an eco-friendly carpet cleaning service in London, Eco Cleaning London is the one to go. Eco Cleaning London uses products that are environmentally friendly and home allergen free since 2007. The operate 7 days a week even on bank holidays. Eco Cleaning London can send their cleaners to you on short notice at your convenience.

Eco Cleaning London first assesses the type of flooring you have to know which cleaning method suites your carpet. They also offer services that neutralizes the harmful bacteria and allergens that ensures the improvement of your home environment. Furthermore, they also offer to apply stain protector to prevent stains on your freshly cleaned, or new carpets.

3. London Carpet Cleaning LTD

BEST FOR Hot  Water Extraction, Dry Compound Method, Eco-Friendly products used
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet cleaning, Rug cleaning, Stain removal, Upholstery cleaning.
PRICING Request a quote online.  Price varies with the area size.
ADDRESS London Carpet Cleaning LTD

3 Trade Tower


SW11 3UF


0203 390 2157

PAYMENT Cash, Cheque, Credit/ Debit card payment or bank transfer

London Carpet Cleaning LTD are known for their responsiveness. They are quick to schedule even on short-hand notices. Equipped with the effective up to date as well as eco-friendly chemicals and stain removal solutions to use for your carpets today, they are recommended for their pet friendly solutions and sanitizers for the carpets.

Aside from that, London Carpet Cleaning LTD also tests the chemical first on your carpets before applying it all throughout the area. They believe that each stain should be checked and assessed on a case to case basis in order to select the perfect cleaning method and treatment for your carpets.

4. Premium Carpet Cleaning

BEST FOR Highly accredited by: National Carpet Cleaning Association, Woolsafe, Checkatrade, IIRC, and many more
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet cleaning, Carpet steam cleaning, Carpet repairs
PRICING Minimum charge of £50, Double bedroom £25, Single bedroom £20, Living and Dining room £30, Stairs or per step £2, Landing £10. Inquire for special promos or packages.
ADDRESS 828 Forest Road,

London, E17 4AA


074 273 067 30

PAYMENT Cash or cheque on the completion of the cleaning; 50% deposit is required for card transactions

The cleaners in Premium Carpet Cleaning may be a small team but they are one of the best carpet cleaners around London! They are professionals and know exactly what they are doing and talking about. Each cleaner underwent various certification programs and passed the exams on a timescale.

Premium Carpet Cleaning uses products that are safe for people with allergies as it does not give of any toxic fumes. The carpet goes through a thorough cleansing procedure that involves: shampooing, pre-treatment, spot-treatment, and neutralizers to ensure that your carpet will be back to its tip-top shape.

They provide a service deluxe to their clients to ensure the quality service you desire.  They will even pay for their own parking when necessary. There will be no additional or hidden charges for such.

5. Cleaner Carpets

BEST FOR Guaranteed quality service, Steam cleaning, Dry Carpet cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet cleaning, Rugs cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Curtain cleaning
PRICING Contact to request for quote
ADDRESS 26 Rose Gardens, London, W5 4JU
CONTACT 0203 772 8698
PAYMENT Cash, cheque

Cleaner Carpets applies the most innovative and effective cleaning techniques for your carpets. Their cleaners or technicians will prepare your furniture and carpets beforehand, thoroughly vacuuming the area before proceeding to their treatments. They either go for the steam cleaning or the dry carpet cleaning depending on their assessment.

Compared to the hot extraction method, steam cleaning technique requires more heat and ensures that the dirt and allergens will be dislodged through the steam. Meanwhile, the dry carpet cleaning guarantees to remove the dirt and the allergens without any watermarks on your carpet.

Cleaner Carpets guarantees you a 100% high quality service for your carpet cleaning since 2010.  If their service does not satisfy you,  they would give your money back, guaranteed. As they value your time, you can request from a quote and Cleaner Carpets promises to return back to you within 60 minutes. Cleaner Carpets ensures that they would fit to your needs.

6. RCL (Rug Cleaning London)

BEST FOR Deep fibre cleaning and long-term fiber protection
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet cleaning, Rugs cleaning
PRICING Steam carpet cleaning starts at £15, Carpet Dry cleaning starts at £23
CONTACT 020 3746 2467
PAYMENT Cash, cheque,card. Payment will be made after the service.

Established since 2005, RCL or Rugs Cleaning London have been known for their no hidden charges or reservation fees rule. You can avail their services unafraid of spending more than you would expect. RCL are also flexible on their schedule and could service you on the same day you called. They would have slots open for service even on holidays.

RCL always ensures that their cleaning tools and machines are always up to date, safe, and Pro-Chem certified. They are always on track on the most innovative and effective method to clean your carpets while being mindful of the products that they use. They ensure that their products would not trigger any allergies and are not harmful for the environment.

RCL is also known for their professional technicians and representatives, always undergoing through various training programs to ensure the clients a great customer service.

7. ACC Home (A Cleaner Carpet Home)

BEST FOR Accredited by Kent County Council, Checkatrade, Which? Trusted Leader
SERVICES/SCOPE Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning, Portable Cleaning
PRICING Quotation upon request
ADDRESS 18 Churton Street, London, SW1V 2LL
CONTACT 020 7821 1221
PAYMENT Cash, cheque,card. Payment will be made after the service.

Doing carpet cleaning since 1957, ACC has more than 60 years of experience of carpet cleaning in their bag. What’s special with ACC is that they have their own truck wherein they carry their own power source, and soft hot water. ACC ensures that no dirt would be recirculated back in the property as they absorb the dirt and grim back to their truck. With their truck-mounted and portable cleaning services, they guaranteed minimum noise and disruption.

With their technology, ACC deep cleans your carpet removing not only the dirt but the mites and other allergens inhabiting the carpets. 60 years and going strong, their reviews have always been positive, from the quality of the cleaning and restoration of your carpets to the professional and friendly staffs and technicians. Moreover, their standards are accredited by Which? Trusted Leader, and the Kent County Council. In, they currently have a 9.94 satisfaction rating.

8. Roger Garrett Professional Carpet Cleaning

BEST FOR Woolsafe approved service provider and fibre care specialists
SERVICES/SCOPE 12-part professional cleaning program, Carpet repairs
PRICING Call and answer a no obligation survey for a detailed quotation
ADDRESS Roger Garrett

19 Branscombe Street


SE13 7AY

CONTACT 0208 469 2000
PAYMENT Cash, Cheque, Card

Going for Robert Garrett Professional Carpet Cleaning may be considered as an investment. Although they charge more than the other companies, they guarantee the value of your money and the quality of their service. Their fibre care experts and service providers are approved and certified by woolsafe, thus ensuring that their cleaners are definitely the experts in London.

What is special in their cleaning method is that they follow their 12 parts professional cleaning program. They always inspect your home first checking the state of their carpet and looking at the best cleaning method for for the material of your vacuum.  Followed by the pre-procedures namely: pre-vacuum, pre-spot, pre-spray, and pre-groom.

Robert Garrett Professional Carpet Cleaning as they move your furniture and clean every nook and cranny of your space. They extract the dirt, remove the allergens and mites, and apply a fibre protector for your carpet. All-in-all Robert Garrett Professional Carpet Cleaning goes for the extra mile for your cleaning. Definitely worth your money.

All of the eight carpet cleaning services are highly recommended by their clients. Give them a call to find the perfect one for you. For sure, all of them will deliver the best carpet cleaning service of what London has got to offer.

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