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The 5 Best Options for Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

November 16, 2018
Best Carpet Cleaning Dubai

Carpets are lovely additions to any residence or place of business. They give a distinct personality to the place that makes it welcoming to those who live in or work in there. But carpets are a challenge to clean and to maintain. Simple vacuuming may remove the surface dirt though it is unable to get rid of deep-set grime and it certainly cannot wash off stains.

That is why we present to you a list of the best options for carpet cleaning in Dubai. These service providers are strongly recommended by their clients for their meticulous cleaning. Moreover, aside from offering carpet cleaning services, some of these companies can help you repair your carpets. With them, your carpets can be spotless and mended like new.

1.             Churchill

Best Carpet Cleaning Dubai | Churchill

BEST FORThorough carpet cleaning and budget-friendliness
SERVICES/SCOPECarpet Deep Cleaning, Carpet and Rug Washing
PRICINGAvailable upon request
ADDRESSP.O.Box: 121391
Dubai, UAE
CONTACT+9714 323-6863| [email protected]
PAYMENTOnline payment via credit card

Churchill is a carpet cleaning service provider in Dubai that comes highly recommended. Many of its customers are satisfied with their carpet cleaning that their name easily comes up in related conversations. The reason is that they leave no stone, or in this case, dust and dirt unturned.

The company employs an environment-specific carpet cleaning system that removes the tight-clinging dust and dirt on your carpet. Churchill also washes it carefully to restore it to its original state as closely as possible. Yet, despite washing your carpets vigorously, the cleaners ensure that every inch is completely dry before concluding their work. Not only does this make your carpet fresh and hygienic, but it also makes it last longer.

Furthermore, Churchill is commended because of its budget-friendly costs. Though the price ranges for their carpet cleaning service is not posted on their website, you can easily request a quote from them.

Their superb cleaning service coupled with their cost-effectiveness is why many of their previous clients drop the name when talking about the best options for carpet cleaning in Dubai.

2.   Al Madaen Carpet

Best Carpet Cleaning Dubai | Al Madaen Carpet

BEST FORPersian carpet cleaning and various Persian carpet repair services
SERVICES/SCOPECarpet Cleaning, Odour Removal, Underlaying of Carpets, Leathering of Carpets, Carpet Binding, Carpet Serging, Carpet Straightening, Carpet Restretching, Pet Hair Removal, Carpet Exchange, Moth Removal
PRICINGRequest an online estimate
ADDRESSDubai Satwa Centro Building
Shop 8
Dubai, UAE
CONTACT+971 4345-4488
PAYMENTOnline payment via credit card

Al Madaen Carpet is another name that is known amongst homeowners and building maintenance managers in Dubai. Because while Churchill is an all-around carpet cleaning service, this company focuses on cleaning and repairing Persian carpets and rugs. They also have specific and general services, like odour removal, carpet binding, pet hair removal, carpet restretching, and more. As such, you only have to pay for the service or services that you require.

Al Madaen Carpet also ensures that your Persian carpets remain pristine after a thorough brushing and washing. That is because they utilize only natural Persian cleaning techniques in handling carpets. They even outline their procedure on their website so you are aware of the exact steps they are going to take when they clean your Persian carpet. They have over twenty-five years of experience in using this method for clients all over Dubai and the UAE, thus you can be confident that you will be working with a trustworthy company.

And when it comes to cost, there will be no surprises when the cleaners arrive at your doorstep. Al Madaen Carpet has a free online estimate for you to know beforehand how much you need to pay.

3.   Sheba Iranian Carpets

Best Carpet Cleaning Dubai | Sheba Iranian Carpets

BEST FORPersian carpets cleaning and handmade rugs repair and color restoration
SERVICES/SCOPEPersian Carpet Cleaning, Persian Carpet Color Restoration, Persian Carpet Repair
PRICINGRequest a quote
ADDRESSShops 61,62 and 65-67
Sharjah Central Market
Block 4
Sharjah, UAE
CONTACT+971 5067-86168 | [email protected]
PAYMENTOn-site or online payment via credit card

Sheba Iranian Carpets is another company that specializes in a specific type of carpets: Persian. It is mostly recognized as an Iranian carpet dealer but they also offer carpet cleaning and repair services. This aspect of the business is vouched for by their past clients because they truly deliver. If your carpet has been ravaged by time and became discolored, the cleaners can make it look as good as new; your carpet would both be clean and color-restored.

But what sets Sheba Iranian Carpets apart from similar service providers in Dubai is their ability to make damaged carpets and rugs whole again. Even if it is a simple matter of missing tassels or if it is something more serious like your dog chewing off a whole corner, the company can mend your carpets to restore them to their original state.

In terms of costs, Sheba Iranian Carpets does offer a return on your investment. Like the other services listed here, they do not post their cleaning and mending prices on their website. However, you can easily call or email them about your service requests.

4.   Neat & Net

Best Carpet Cleaning Dubai | Neat & Net

BEST FORCarpet cleaning and sanitizing at a competitive price
SERVICES/SCOPECarpet Cleaning, Carpet Sanitizing
PRICINGAED 15 + 5% VAP per square meter
ADDRESSOffice 302 Burlington Tower
Business Bay
Dubai, UAE
CONTACT+971 4427-6661 | [email protected]
PAYMENTOnline payment via credit card

Neat & Net is an all-around cleaning company. Among the services it offers is carpet cleaning in Dubai. Regardless of the kind of carpet you have, Persian, handmade, or silk, the company guarantees to remove any kind of dirt from your carpet without damaging it. That is because they only use materials that are proven as carpet-friendly. On top of that, they utilize only the best equipment available for cleaning.

Aside from focusing on the materials used for cleaning your carpets, Neat & Net also places huge importance on their staff who deliver their service. Their cleaners are hygienic and meticulous so you can expect them to clean your carpet thoroughly and to be professional throughout.

Neat & Net is also very transparent when it comes to service costs. They have a pricing table for their services as well as existing promotions on their website. Thus, you can make up your mind about the company while factoring in the costs.

5. Klarity Services

BEST FOROver all residential and commercial cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPEHome Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Handyman Services, Floor Polishing, Window Cleaning
PRICINGContact to get a quote
CONTACT DETAILS+971504181997 | [email protected]
PAYMENTContact for payment details

If you are looking for a cleaning service provider that can attend to all of your cleaning needs from carpet cleaning to post-construction cleaning, Klarity Services is the one for you. They have a wide range of options for domestic and commercial cleaning services and they guarantee to deliver thorough work, making your places neat and spotless.

Have you made up your mind about any of these best options for carpet cleaning in Dubai yet? Just read through the article again to help you settle on a carpet cleaning company.

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