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How should I clean my toilet at home?

October 31, 2022
How should I clean my toilet at home

Here is our recommended way of cleaning your toilet at home:

  1. Gather your cleaning supplies.
  1. Scrub the toilet bowl with a bleach-based cleaner.
  1. Disinfect the toilet from the base to the top of the tank.
  1. Rinse the toilet by flushing it.
  1. Wash and disinfect the toilet brush and its holder.

We will go into more detail about cleaning your toilet in this guide, giving you reliable tips and advice.

Later, we’ll also answer how often you should clean the toilet and if getting a professional is needed at all.

What are the things I need to clean the toilet?

What are the things I need to clean the toilet

Here is a list of cleaning materials you’ll need to make your toilet clean and germ-free.

  1. A toilet brush in a good state – First, you will need a good-conditioned toilet brush.

One with or without a holder is fine, although, for the first one, you’d need to get a makeshift holder, say, a small bin.

A toilet brush’s job is to clean all portions inside the toilet bowl, including hard-to-reach areas under and on the sides of the bowl.

Throw it away if the toilet brush’s bristles are bent or overly dirty. A good-quality toilet brush should last for about six months before being replaced.

  1. A toilet bowl cleaner Ordinary soap or detergent won’t completely get rid of the dirt and bacteria in the toilet bowl. You need something with more cleaning power.

You must have a toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. Bleach can eliminate 99.99 percent of bacteria, tackle stubborn stains, and leave the toilet clean and shiny.

However, if you don’t have a toilet cleaner, get a cleaner that can substitute for it. One good example is the Lysol Hydrogen Peroxide Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

  1. A disinfectant spray and wipes – You need to disinfect the toilet so that it’s clean and hygienic for use.

Ethyl rubbing alcohol and disinfectant wipes will do fine. You might also want to try a natural cleaning mixture of equal parts of vinegar, baking soda, and water.

By the way, vinegar isn’t as good as bleach at disinfecting the toilet or other dirty surfaces. That said, it’s a great cleaner, as its acidity can easily loosen hard stains and grime.

  1. A microfiber cloth, paper towel, or rag – For wiping down the whole toilet, you can use a microfiber cloth, paper towel, or rag.

Also, remember to separate the cleaning cloth or rag from other cleaning cloths or rags—those that are used for other surfaces at the house.

  1. A pair of long rubber gloves – This protects your hand and arms from being splashed on by harsh cleaning products or solutions.

It also makes cleaning yourself a lot easier afterward since long gloves keep your hand more protected from microscopic bacteria.

  1. A bucket Its purpose is to reduce the water level in the toilet bowl to very low so you can fully disinfect the entire toilet bowl (without partially diluting the disinfectant).

To reduce the toilet water level, you have to fill the bucket with a 1/2 gallon of water and pour it straight into the toilet, which will trigger the flushing action and keep new water from getting in.

How do I clean the toilet?

How do I clean the toilet

Now let’s explore each step so you will know exactly how to clean your toilet:

1) Wear rubber gloves

Get your pair of long or short rubber gloves and wear them on each hand to protect it from the dirty brush and burning cleaner splashes.

2) Empty the bowl of water

Next, unload the half gallon of water into the toilet bowl drain.

3) Squeeze the disinfectant into the bowl’s interior

The toilet bowl cleaner or disinfectant can have a wide nozzle that can spray the cleaner in and around the toilet bowl.

It should contain bleach because the substance is extremely effective at killing bacteria and viruses which can easily spread and cause disease.

4) Scrub the toilet bowl

Using the toilet brush, scrub firmly around the interior of the toilet bowl, the sides, under the toilet seat, in the front and back, and even the drain.

5) Disinfect the toilet from the base to the top of the tank

After you scrub out the inside of the toilet bowl clean, it’s time to wipe down the toilet from the outside starting from the base to the top to make your cleaning organized.

For this, use a rag, wipe, or sponge. Spray it with disinfectant before wiping the surface. 

Don’t forget to clean the surfaces you touch regularly, such as the flush handle and toilet seat.

Furthermore, you can also clean the metal toilet seat hinge with an old or unused toothbrush. Mark this toothbrush as only for toilet use, and keep it separate from the brushes in the bathroom.

6) Let the toilet dry

Leave the toilet alone to dry. You won’t have to wait long for this because disinfectants evaporate in the air quickly.

7) Rinse the toilet

Afterward, flush the toilet in order to give the toilet interior a thorough rinse.

8) Wash and disinfect the toilet brush and its holder

Once you’re done with the last part, spray the toilet brush with a disinfectant, leave it there for a minute, and rinse it with warm water.

Do the same with the toilet brush holder because the brush regularly comes in contact with it.

After that, let the two items dry and put them back beside the toilet. And you’re all done. Your toilet and toilet brush are now clean again!

How often should I clean my toilet?

How often should I clean my toilet

Your toilet should ideally be cleaned daily because it is used every day by different people. However, if you have a busy schedule, cleaning and disinfecting it must be done every two to three days.

Don’t skip the disinfecting part after every few days—both inside and outside of the toilet—because this eliminates harmful bacteria and keeps them from rapidly spreading.

And if one of your family members is sick and uses the same toilet, it’s all the more needed to clean your toilet and the whole bathroom more frequently.

How long does it take to clean the toilet?

How long does it take to clean the toilet

It usually takes 25 to 30 minutes to deep-clean your toilet. When we say deep-clean, that includes wiping and disinfecting it.

Many cleaning experts advise letting the bowl cleaner work through the stains, bacteria, and residue for at least ten minutes before flushing.

While you’re waiting, you can start working on the toilet’s exterior or other parts of the bathroom, like the bathtub or shower glass to save time.

Should I hire a pro to clean my toilet or bathroom?

Should I hire a pro to clean my toilet or bathroom

You should hire a pro cleaner only if you can’t commit to cleaning the toilet and bathroom regularly. After all, the bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in the house.

What are the things I should avoid when cleaning my toilet?

What are the things I should avoid when cleaning my toilet

Refrain from using a silicone brush because it is too soft to scrub the toilet interior. 

Nor should you use disposable toilet cleaner wands because they often get worn after a few uses and their plastic material harms the planet if it is burned in the landfills.

Also, don’t follow the example of those that use tank additives in their toilet. While they can automatically disinfect the toilet whenever you flush it and give it a cool blue dye, certain damages can be caused by them.

In fact, American Standard VP James Walsh warns that adding tank tablets to the tank can rupture the tank trim, damage the flushing mechanism, and also cause sudden annoying leaks.

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