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Should you dust or vacuum first?

July 19, 2022
Should you dust or vacuum first

Cleaning is a daily, time-consuming activity in the house. But it doesn’t have to be any harder than that.

In our hectic schedules, some of us may clean fast by multi-tasking and taking shortcuts. We sweep, dust, vacuum, polish, and rinse randomly or in no particular order so long as we get the job done.

Having said that, it’s important to know whether you should dust or vacuum first to be efficient at periodic house cleaning. And this is what we’ll answer in this guide along with other related questions.

Which comes first: vacuuming or dusting?

Which comes first vacuuming or dusting

The answer to this is to dust first when you are cleaning.

If you opt for the opposite, dust particles can scatter as you vacuum them. This makes you work twice as hard, having to pinpoint and collect the dust as they settle on different spots on the floor afterwards.

By using a good duster, you can ensure that fewer particles fly off in the air and to the floor. The duster will gradually blacken relative to the amount of dust you’ve picked up.

That lessens the amount of vacuuming you have to do. Thus, the surfaces you dusted and vacuumed can be cleaned thoroughly and in record time.

Can I use the vacuum to dust?

If you happen to be in a rush, you can do both—by using a vacuum with a brush attachment. This feature lets you lightly brush the dirt off fabrics and surfaces while sucking up dirt and debris.

You can use the brush-equipped vacuum on various surfaces at home. Among them are your furniture, fireplace mantels, baseboards, lampshades, window treatments, air vents, and air conditioners.

That said, for smaller items like ornaments and books, it would be best to wipe them by hand using a microfiber cloth. This will take out the dust from all their sides and protect them from scratches.

Does vacuuming kick up dust?

Assuming that your vacuum is well-maintained, it should take in dust and dirt particles neatly with only very little dust being sent up or out.

If you notice debris that is stuck around the nozzle of the vacuum, you have to remove and clean it first to make your cleaning effective.

Other Ways You Can Reduce Dust in Your Home

Other Ways You Can Reduce Dust in Your Home

Do you know that there are things you can do so you don’t have to dust as frequently? Here are the things you can do to reduce the dust build-up in your house:

  • Close your doors and windows
  • Regularly clean the area where dust tends to gather
  • Clean or replace your air conditioner filter
  • Change your bedsheets every week
  • Maintain your furnishings (carpets, curtains, and other fabrics)
  • Discard unused, dust-covered items
  • Bathe your cat or dog
  • Use a dehumidifier or air purifier

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