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How to Clean up Broken Glass

July 19, 2022
How to Clean up Broken Glass

Has anyone accidentally dropped a glass vase, drinkware, or a different glass item on the floor? You should be careful to clean the broken pieces of leftover glass, as they can puncture your skin.

Though for most situations, using a broom and dustpan will do, there are still some things you should know about removing the shards completely in a way that keeps everyone passing by safe.

So allow us now to show you how to clean up broken glass in your house step by step. Let’s go!

1) Inform everyone and wear safety gear

As soon as there are scattered shards on the ground, inform everyone and tell them to stay away until you’ve thoroughly cleaned up the area.

Before you begin the work, wear protective eyewear or goggles, a pair of thick gloves, and durable shoes to protect yourself from accidental wounds or cuts.

2) Switch on the lights

Switch on the brightest light you have in the room to see every piece of glass that will glitter. If the area doesn’t have lighting in that section, say the basement or porch, use a flashlight or lantern.

3) Pick up large pieces of glass

Pick up large pieces of glass

Get rid of the large shards of glass first. With the thick gloves on, pick the glass up carefully and then wrap them in newspapers or thick paper before disposing of them in the garbage bin, which helps to prevent accidental cuts.

A tip: Don’t kneel because the glass can wound your skin. However, you can do a semi-kneel or sit on a low stool as you pick up the glass slowly and surely.

4) Vacuum or sweep the smaller glass pieces

It’s now time to get rid of the smaller glass pieces. For this, you can vacuum them with preferably a wet/dry or handheld vacuum.

Or you can sweep them with small but efficient strokes. Otherwise, the shards will scatter, making the cleanup harder.

If the shards are deeper in your carpet or upholstery fibers, use a brush to get them to the surface. That said, don’t flick them up or the shards will likewise scatter.

5) Use fresh bread or potato to remove the small glass pieces

Use fresh bread or potato to remove the small glass pieces

Use this trick to clean up the tiniest broken glass pieces remaining after the initial cleaning with a brush, broom, or vacuum.

Use fresh potato or bread because shards will stick to them like a magnet. Simply get a slice of bread and softly press it onto the shards, and as with the potato, slice it first to expose its interior, and use it in the same way as the bread.

But remember to keep your gloves on all the time you’re cleaning the mess of glass.

6) Use a wet paper towel

Still, if there are some shards left, you can use a damp paper towel to clean the floor completely. To do this, get three pieces of napkin and fold them into a square, put them under the tap a bit, and then press them onto the shards.

Like with fresh bread or potato, this will make the shards stick to the paper towel, ready to be disposed of.

7) Get a lint roller

Get a lint roller

Thanks to its great adhesive property, a lint roller can pick up glass pieces on the upholstery or floor. Just roll the tool over the tiny glass shards to pick them up.

8) Wrap your hand with duct tape

Another simple glass pick-up technique is to use duct tape. This method involves wrapping your gloved hand with duct tape with the adhesive side out.

Afterward, put your palm on top of the small glass pieces, and they will stick to it. Then, unwrap the tape off your hand and dispose of it in the trash container.

9) Clean up your shoes and house

After you have gotten rid of the glass on the floor, carpet, and floor joints, check your broom and dustpan if there are any tiny pieces stuck in its bristles.

Remove them carefully with a wet paper towel over the garbage bin or wash the broom with a hose over a bucket and pour the water over a utility drain.

Next, check your shoes. There could have been some glass pieces stuck underneath them. Similarly, use a wet towel or duct tape to remove them.

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