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8 Best Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

November 15, 2018
8 Best Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

A clean office is not a luxury but a necessity. Because when dust, grime, and microorganisms stick to your office’s surfaces, appliances, furniture, and hidden corners, they can cause your employees to be ill. And staff who are on leave can cause bottlenecks in your workflow and in extension, make you loss revenue. But you can avoid that from happening, because there are cleaning services companies in the island who can help you disinfect your workplace and keep it immaculate on a regular basis. Below are 8 best office cleaning services in Singapore who can deliver what they promise and more.

1. Avalon Services

Best Office Cleaning Singapore | Avalon Services

BEST FOR Customized office cleaning, industry standards-compliant cleaning professionals,
SERVICES/SCOPE Vacuuming, Dusting, Mopping, Surface Areas & Equipment Dusting, Marble Floor Polishing, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Waste Management  
PRICING Get a free quote online
ADDRESS 33 Ubi Avenue 3

Vertex Tower B, #04-22

Singapore 408868

CONTACT +65 6570-9633 |
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, and credit card payments

Avalon Services is an accredited and licensed cleaning company in Singapore. It is only one of the few that can wear that badge, thus you can rest assured that you are working with a company certified by the highest standards. They have a broad range of office cleaning services that they leave in the hands of their professional and trustworthy cleaners who have been trained according to the loftiest industry criteria.

Whatever kind of cleaning service you require, Avalon Services customizes their cleaning solution for you. And regardless of your special housekeeping needs, the company’s specially skilled cleaning staff can work efficiently and leave you with a fresh and hygienic working area where your employees can conduct their tasks with ease.

2. Nimbus

Best Office Cleaning Singapore | Nimbus

BEST FOR Fully-managed office cleaning, best employment practices, complimentary cleaning for dissatisfied customers
SERVICES/SCOPE Plumbing, Pest Control, Aircon Servicing, Painting, Waste Management, Glass Work, Electrical Work, Cleaning Supplies, Event Services, Interior Design, Renovation, Flooring & Carpeting
PRICING Enquire for a quote
ADDRESS 970 Toa Payoh

North #06-21

Singapore 318992

CONTACT +65 8787-4824 |
PAYMENT Credit card, cash, cheque payments

Nimbus is a world-class cleaning services company in Singapore. However, they go beyond just doing housework in your office space. Instead, they manage everything from keeping your pantry full to arranging the furniture on the floor. Because of this, you never have to worry about a single issue regarding the upkeep of your workplace every again.

Additionally, Nimbus is very particular in taking care of your office cleaning needs. They pride themselves in delivery the best quality service, which is why they offer complimentary cleaning in case you are not happy completely with their cleaning and management. Thus, you can rest assured that the company and its professionals offer only the finest housekeeping.

Moreover, what makes Nimbus different is that they are recognized by TAPEF, an organization that awards employers who have the best practices with their workers. The company even has six seals from the body, so you can be sure that you are working with a humane business.

3. A1 Facility Services

Best Office Cleaning Singapore | A1 Facility Services

BEST FOR NEA licensed firm, WSQ certified cleaners, quick deployment availability
SERVICES/SCOPE Sweeping & Vacuuming of Carpeted Areas, Tiled Areas Mopping, Furniture Dusting, Wastepaper Baskets Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Pantry Cleaning, Cups & Lunchboxes Washing & Clearing, Glass Panels & Doors Cleaning, General Cleaning of Rooms, Lift Landing & Stairway Cleaning
PRICING Pricing differs per area size. Office spaces that are 500 to 799 sq. ft. wide start at SGD 260 per week.
ADDRESS 50 Serangoon North Ave 4

#09-07 First Centre

Singapore 555856

CONTACT +65 6570-1874 |
PAYMENT Credit card payment, cash, or cheque

A1 Facility Services, like other cleaning services company on this list, is NEA licensed. This means that you are conducting with a government-recognized company and that you can count on their trustworthiness. In addition, their cleaners are trained under Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications system. As such, you can be confident that cleaners deployed to your offices have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete their tasks to your satisfaction.

A1 Facility Services also places great value on your time. That is why they are punctual and efficient so they can deliver quality service within the arranged span of time. But if ever you need a cleaner in your office outside of your set schedule, you can simply arrange for one on-demand. That is because the company’s cleaners are always ready for quick deployments.

4. Office Cleanz

Best Office Cleaning Singapore | Office Cleanz

BEST FOR In-house pool of reserve cleaners, public liability insurance, well-trained professional cleaners
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Vacuuming, Desks & Chairs Wiping & Dusting, Cabinet Exterior Cleaning, Office Appliances Wiping, Bin Emptying, Kitchen & Pantry Cleaning, Toilet Cleaning
PRICING Starts at SGD 30 per hour
ADDRESS 10 Anson Road

International Plaza #16-16.

Singapore 079903

CONTACT +65 6872-1224
PAYMENT Credit card payment, cash, or cheque

Office Cleanz is a sought-after cleaning services company in Singapore. They serve over 500 clients in the country; among them are Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and foreign embassies. This speaks of the high caliber of the company’s cleaners who are professionally trained. Before they are put into the service pool, they undergo at least two training sessions for office cleaning so they are well equipped with the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge for maintaining your workplace pristine.

Even Office Cleanz’s reserve pool of cleaners well regarded. They are in-house reserves who go where clients need them—they do the job when the fixed cleaner is on leave and they do it as well as your regular cleaner.

With Office Cleanz, you can also rest assured about the safety of your assigned cleaner. The company’s service providers are covered by public and private liability insurance, so that you are protected in case of accidental incidents.

5. Lifeline Cleaning

Best Office Cleaning Singapore | Lifeline Cleaning

BEST FOR Customised cleaning solutions, technology-driven cleaning services
SERVICES/SCOPE Commercial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, High Dusting Services, Floor Scrubbing & Waxing
PRICING Request a quote online
ADDRESS Midview City @ 18 Sin Ming

Lane #05-17

Singapore 573960

CONTACT +65 6443-0943 |
PAYMENT Credit card payment, cash, or cheque

Lifeline Cleaning is a top cleaning service provider in Singapore that specializes in office, commercial, and even industrial cleaning. It is a technology-driven company that uses the best equipment available in keeping your working areas in pristine condition. As such, you can rest minimize staff absence due to illnesses.

With Lifeline Cleaning, you can rest assured that you get only the best cleaning service. That is because they take into consideration your special needs. That is why they can customize their service delivery—another thing that propels it into the top of businesses’ lists of office cleaning choices.

Furthermore, Lifeline Cleaning takes great care in removing dust from high areas. Even if they are hard-to-reach places, cleaners make sure to eliminate them because they are a top cause of illness.

On top of that, the company gives special attention to your carpet. Dust, dirt, and disease-causing microorganisms can dwell in your carpet for a long time. That is why Lifeline Cleaning shampoos your floor coverings, dry them thoroughly, and removes spots from them for longer-lasting carpets and healthier offices.

6. Bestway Cleaning Services

Best Office Cleaning Singapore | Bestway Cleaning

BEST FOR Registered with Building and Construction Authority, high working standards, certified cleaners
SERVICES/SCOPE Office Cleaning, Glass Cleaning, Floor Scrubbing, Floor Polishing, Tile Floor Car, Stripping, Waxing, Buffing, Carpet Shampoo, Carpet Vacuum
PRICING You can enquire about the pricing online
ADDRESS No. 2, Bukit Batok Street 23 #02-02

Bukit Batok Connection

Singapore 659554

CONTACT +65 6562-0369 |
PAYMENT Credit card payment, cash, or cheque

Bestway Cleaning Services is a high capital office cleaning company. They have been around since 1995 and since then, they have been delighting clients with their top-grade cleaning services. This is helped by their ability to acquire only the best equipment to delivery excellent housekeeping of your office space.

You can also put your trust in Bestway Cleaning Services because they are recognized by the Building and Construction Authority. In fact, they are listed under the L5 financial grade for housekeeping, cleaning, and conservancy. This means that they met the strictest standards in the industry and so you can expect them to scrub the dirt, dust, and grime away from your workplace.

7. Peniel Cleaning

Best Office Cleaning Singapore | Peniel Cleaning

BEST FOR Experienced set of cleaners, consideration of client requirements, timely completion of services
SERVICES/SCOPE Overall Office Cleanliness Maintenance, Schedule Vacuuming and Mopping, Wiping of Workstations and Other Surfaces, Pantry Cleanliness Upkeep, Daily Waste Bins Disposal, Spot Cleaning of Windows and Similar Surfaces, Specialized Carpet Cleaning, Disinfection Services, Fabric Chair and Partition Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Event Clean-up, High Pressure Cleaning, Warehouse Cleaning, Floor Waxing and Protection, Supplementary Services
PRICING Enquire online for a quote
ADDRESS 111 North Bridge Road

#27-01 Peninsula Plaza

Singapore 179098

CONTACT +65 6542-8850 |
PAYMENT 30-day credit terms for monthly contracts and immediate payment on-site for on-demand services

Peniel Cleaning is a recognizable name in office and industrial cleaning in Singapore. This company has served esteemed clients in the past. Their cleaners have been noted to be punctual, who do their best to complete their tasks on time. They also take initiative in their jobs so you do not have to direct them around the workplace.

Aside from their very thorough cleaning of the general area, Peniel Cleaning also offers deep cleaning of carpets. For this, they only use the latest technologies to remove germs and bacteria. This way, you can maintain a hygienic and clean work environment and ensure that your employees rarely get sick.

Furthermore, Peniel Cleaning provides supplementary services. The list includes wiping and thorough dusting of air condition units, fans, upholstery, curtains, and glass panels.

8. @bsolute Services

Best Office Cleaning Singapore | Absolute Services

BEST FOR Affordable cleaning packages, reputable cleaning service, 24-hour availability
SERVICES/SCOPE Toilet Cleaning, Floor Sweeping, Vacuuming, Mopping, Bin Emptying, Windows & Grilles Cleaning
PRICING From SGD 388 once a week
ADDRESS 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1

Shun Li Industrial Park

Singapore 417943

CONTACT +65 6844-3044
PAYMENT Credit card payment, cash, or cheque

@bsolute Services is a highly reputable cleaning company that is well known among companies and office spaces in Singapore. They have glowing reviews from their present and previous clients because of their thorough office cleaning services. Most importantly, they deliver quality cleaning at an affordable rate. In fact, their office cleaning service package starts at SGD 388 per week. This already gives you a 4-hour housekeeping session that is sure to make your workplace a glowing one.

Moreover, @bsolute Services only employs proven cleaning methods. They leverage the best devices that can help keep your workplace spick and span and they take into consideration your special requests. On top of that, cleaners from this company are available on call 24 hours a day. This means that you can count on them to remove the mess after a party or to tidy up after whatever incident. Regardless of the reason, this cleaning business is at your service whenever you need them.

These 8 best office cleaning services in Singapore are well-known amongst business, even among those who belong into the Fortune 500. When they say they offer top quality housekeeping for your office, it is not just lip service. We hope you have found and settled on one after going through this article.  

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