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The 6 Best Options for Dry Cleaners in New Orleans

December 11, 2019
Dry Cleaners New Orleans

Dry cleaners can be a great investment, especially when you have found that right one that is both reliable and affordable. It allows you to spend your free time on much more important things, instead of wasting it all doing laundry.

Another thing that makes dry cleaners great is that they have the extensive knowledge in fabric care and the most updated cleaning equipment. Not only can they remove the stains and germs on our shirts, they can also prolong their lifespan, allowing us to have our clothes for a much longer time.

If you are still looking for a dependable dry cleaner in New Orleans, you are in luck because we just compiled the best ones. Read below to know more about them!

1.  Young’s Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaners New Orleans 1

BEST FOR 4.0-rating on Google with 10 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, pick-up and delivery services, express lockers
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services, Ironing Services, Wedding Gown Preservation, Fire & Smoke Restorations, and Alterations
PRICING Call their hotline to get a quote.
ADDRESS 905 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124

5357 Franklin Avenue New Orleans, LA  70122

CONTACT (504) 872-0931

(504) 288-8381

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call their hotline for details

Young’s Dry Cleaners has an advanced locker system that allows customers to drop off their laundry at any location in the metro on their most convenient time. This is perfect for people in the office who need to dry clean their clothes but have no time to personally drop them off at their store.

As a business, they do not restrict themselves to just a single service. You may also ask for their help if you need someone to iron your clothes, clean your wedding gown, or fix some loose hems and missing buttons.

If you want a more convenient service, then you must sign up for their pick-up and delivery services. It is absolutely free and has no hidden charges that would shock you.

Should you have questions, someone would immediately address your queries because they are open for business for 24/7, 365 days.

2.  Deluxe Dry Cleaners

Deluxe Dry Cleaners Homepage

BEST FOR 4.0-rating on Google with 32 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, 24-hour drop off, BBB-accredited business
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services, Leather & Suede Cleaning, Wedding Gown Cleaning, Fur Cleaning, and Alterations
PRICING Call their hotline to get a quote.
ADDRESS 5325 Canal Boulevard, New Orleans, LA
CONTACT (504) 488-7733
PAYMENT Call their hotline for details

As one of the most trusted dry cleaners in the entire New Orleans, Deluxe Dry Cleaners can offer customers with more than just the typical dry cleaning. They always make it a point to elevate their services through convenient booking and friendly approach from their staff.

Based on their customer reviews, they have the best set of cleaners, pressers, and spotters in the industry. Availing of their services means that you are letting the experts in the business take care of your favorite garments.

Unlike other dry cleaners, they implement a two-bath system which is rare because some dry cleaners opt to employ a one-bath system. The former ensures that your clothes will look fresher and brighter than ever!

3.  NOLA Laundry Services

Dry Cleaners New Orleans 3

BEST FOR professional dry cleaning and laundry services, residential and commercial services, college laundry services, coin laundry
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services
PRICING Call their hotline to get a quote.
ADDRESS 3639 South Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA 70118

31 McAlister Drive Bruff Commons Room 106 New Orleans, LA 70118

CONTACT (504) 486-7044

(504) 862 – 8530

PAYMENT Call their hotline for details

NOLA Laundry Services is perhaps the dry cleaner with the most eclectic pool of customers. Their clients include homeowners, business owners, and even college students who are dorming nearby.

We highly recommend them to college students because they have affordable rates and each of their services is designed to make student life more convenient. Within two days, your clothes will be ready to be delivered straight to your dorm room.

4.  Russell’s Cleaning Services

Dry Cleaners New Orleans 5

BEST FOR 4.0-rating on Google with 29 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, eco-friendly dry cleaning, residential and commercial services, pick-up and delivery
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services, Rug Cleaning, Wedding Dresses, Formal Wear, Leather Items, Drapes, Furniture, and Carpet Cleaning
PRICING Call their hotline to get a quote.
ADDRESS 3401 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119
CONTACT 504-482-3153
PAYMENT Call their hotline for details

Russell’s Cleaning Services has two locations in Louisa, one in New Orleans and another in Metairie, allowing them to serve more customers. They have been around since the 1930’s, making them as one of the oldest service providers in the area.

Customers have the option to choose between the traditional and eco-friendly dry cleaning. Either way, their clothes will be returned them in their best and most pristine condition yet.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, they have the services that will cater to all your needs. In line with this, they are not limited to dry cleaners, you may also trust them to do alterations, wedding gown maintenance, leather cleaning, and even carpet cleaning!

Pick-up and delivery services are also available for customers who have no time to drop by their store!

5.  Mike’s Golden Cleaners

Mike’s Golden Cleaners Homepage

BEST FOR 4.5-rating on Google with 16 reviews; professional dry cleaning and laundry services, fast and efficient service, competitive prices, pick-up and delivery services
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services, and Alterations
PRICING Suits $12

Sweater $6.50

Dress $12

Pants $6

Golf Shirts $4

Blouses $4.50

Shorts $5

Shirts $4

Coats $11

CONTACT 504 837-0669
PAYMENT Call their hotline for details

Mike’s Golden Cleaners is a dry cleaning and laundry business that services a portion of Louisiana, including New Orleans and Metairie. They have been in the cleaning industry for almost 40 years.

In dry cleaning, they use a natural and safe process that makes clothes look brighter and last longer. Their staff of professional cleaners will ensure that your garments will be taken care of properly.

If their staff finds something that needs to be repaired and replaced, such as broken zippers, missing buttons, and loose hems, they will inform you.

Once they are one dry cleaning your clothes, they will return them directly to your home on your scheduled delivery time.

6. Shelby’s Cleaners

Shelby's Cleaners Homepage

BEST FOR Organic cleaning solutions
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Clean & Laundry, Custom Tailoring & Alterations
PRICING Contact to get a quote
ADDRESS 67157 Emerson St. Mandeville, LA 70471
CONTACT DETAILS (985) 590-9889/(504) 237-1121 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, Visa, Master, Discover, Personal Check

Shelby’s Cleaners understands that clothes are delicate and therefore must be handled with absolute care. Not only does the business bring out their best team of dry cleaners, but they also make sure that they only use safest, highest quality organic solvents to wash your clothing and garments.

They also have an in-house seamstress who is great in repairing little rips and tears, re-securing hemlines and replacing buttons. They will also check your garments zippers to ensure that they are 100% working.

And with that, we have our list of the best dry cleaners in New Orleans! Try out their services, and we promise that you won’t be disappointed!

If you are familiar with some of the dry cleaners included in this list, please leave a comment below regarding your experiences with them! We would love to hear about them!

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