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The 7 Best Options for Dry Cleaners in Liverpool

June 27, 2019

Doing laundry is one of the most universal things everybody has in common. The techniques may vary from each place, but one thing is for sure: everybody wants to have clean and comfy clothes.

Whenever you find yourself in Liverpool, worry not about where to find the perfect place for laundry or dry cleaning services. The top 6 dry cleaners in Liverpool are compiled in this article to easily provide you options on where to have your clothes cleaned. All you have to do is drop by one of these places and see for yourself.

1. Kitty’s Launderette

BEST FOR Eco dry cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE DIY Wash and Dry, Service Wash and Dry, Bedding Service, Weekly Shirt Service, Ironing Service, 
ADDRESS 77 Grasmere Street, L5 6RH
CONTACT DETAILS 0151 2608951 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact shop for payment details

Kitty’s Laundrette is not your typical laundry shop. It is run by a small team of residents in Liverpool which aims not only to help you dry clean your clothes and fabrics but also use the profits they get to help back the community.  So, it really is a win-win situation if you think about it. 

Kitty’s community care focus is the quality of their cleaning services. They have invested into Miele’s market leading technology, Wetcare, as an ecological alternative to dry cleaning. They are also approved by Miele as a Wetcare specialist.

Not only that, but they’re also a long time partnership with Goodman Sparks, a 50 year old commercial and dry cleaner company that provides training and technical expertise to the Kitty’s staff. Their ethos is to provide high quality services at affordable pries and are becoming known for their extremely attentive staff who are committed to getting the results you want.

The place is equipped with free Wi-Fi, the occasional event, good coffee, and a lot of people to chat with while you are doing your own laundry through their DIY service. Commercial clients may also avail their dry clean services across the Liverpool city region.

2. AC Cleaners

BEST FOR Established for over 20 years, offers collection and delivery service, 48 hours turnaround time, meets ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards
SERVICES/SCOPE Catering / Kitchen Wear Cleaning, Corporate Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Dry Cleaning, Ironing Service, laundry, Shirt Service, Specialist Cleaning, Suede / Leather Cleaning, Tailoring, Repairs, and Alterations, Work Wear Cleaning
PRICING Request for a quote via the hotline.
ADDRESS 95 Holmefield Road, Grassendale, Liverpool, Merseyside, L19 3PF
CONTACT 151 281 1445 / [email protected]
PAYMENT Call the hotline for inquiries.

AC Dry Cleaners gives you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy your weekend without worrying about your laundry. With their collection and delivery services, all you have to do is gather your dirty clothes, wait for them to arrive at your doorstep, and from then, let them handle your clothes-related problems. They have invested in the latest cleaning technology to give you the highest quality service you always deserved. Not everybody’s clothing needs are the same. It’s a good thing AC Cleaners tailors their services according to what your clothes need. Just let them know what you require and they’ll be happy to do it.

3. Riverside Dry Cleaners

BEST FOR Tailored services according to client’s needs, reliable delivery and collection service.
SERVICES/SCOPE Linen Hire, Dry Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Workwear, Storage Lockers and Soiled Garment Bins, Dust Control Mats, Washroom Services
PRICING Price starts at £2.20. See complete pricing online.
ADDRESS 100 Aigburth Rd, Aigburth, Liverpool, L17 7BP
CONTACT 0151 708 0672
PAYMENT Call the hotline for inquiries.

If you’re looking for quality service with excellent value for money in laundry shops, Riverside Dry Cleaner is one of the shops that you should look into. They offer a wide selection of laundry solutions that cater to individuals or commercial businesses. Customer relations are very important to them, that’s why they’re always happy to answer any queries you might have.

In terms of their services, everything is based on the customer’s wishes. Whatever laundry request you have, they’re always eager to accommodate you no matter how large or small it may be. They even have a collection and delivery service, so you won’t have to experience any hassle in dropping off or picking up your laundry.

4. Leigh Dry Cleaning Ltd.

BEST FOR Now on its third generation of launderers run by a family, 75 years of experience in the business
SERVICES/SCOPE Laundry, Dry Cleaning Services, Household furnishings cleaning
PRICING Request for a quote via the hotline.
ADDRESS 33 High St, Wavertree, Liverpool

L15 8HE ‎

CONTACT 0151 734 3561 / [email protected]
PAYMENT Call the hotline for inquiries.

Leigh Dry Cleaners is a family-owned business and is now being run by the third generation of their family. Since they started in 1935, they’ve established an outstanding reputation. They’ve brought together traditional methods with the modern techniques that became the perfect formula for providing the best result for dry cleaning services. They’re known to have a quality and personalized service that their customers always come back to. Not only do they clean clothes, but they also accept household furnishings cleaning that includes but is not limited to curtains and duvets.

Are you in a bit of rush to get your laundry? Leigh Dry Cleaners offer an express same day service. Call their hotline for more information and experience at first hand their exceptional customer service.

5. Globe Cleaners

BEST FOR Established in 1963, Family-run business, with more than 50 years of experience
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Alterations, Passport Photographs
PRICING Price starts at £2.30. Check online for the full price list.
ADDRESS 2 Hawthorne Road, Litherland, Merseyside, L21 7PJ
CONTACT 0151 928 1564
PAYMENT Call the hotline for inquiries.

Globe Cleaners pride themselves on providing excellent service to all their customers. Since 1963, this family-run business has definitely figured out the secret recipe in providing quality service and great customer relations to stay in business for this long. They go above and beyond what is expected to keep their customers coming back and not regret ever trusting them for their clothes. They’ve invested in the latest technology and they’ve tried and tested several techniques to achieve the highest possible result. Check out their website or call their hotline for more information.

6. Fits Perfect

BEST FOR Established for over 9 years, free local pick-up and drop off service for alterations and dry cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning, Clothing Alterations, Haberdashery, Ironing Service
PRICING Request for a quote via the hotline.
CONTACT 0151 482 6277 / [email protected]
PAYMENT Call the hotline for inquiries.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all things relating to clothes, Fits Perfect really does fit perfectly. From dry cleaning to a haberdashery and everything in between, they’re complete with these. For over 9 years, Fit Perfect has provided all your sewing, knitting, and crocheting needs, and now they offer dry cleaning services. They have a free pick up and drop off service for all local customers. Do you have any dress that needs customizing or altering? Bring it over to Fits Perfect and trust that they’ll give you the best service there is. Call them at their hotline for more details.

7. Prima Cleaners

BEST FOR Over 15 years in the business, 3.1-star rating on Google with 12 reviews, offers WetCare a green alternative
SERVICES/SCOPE Dry Cleaning and Alterations and Repairs
PRICING Price starts at £7.05 for a standard skirt.
ADDRESS 646 Liverpool Road, Merseyside, PR8 3LT
CONTACT 01704 572102
PAYMENT Call the hotline for inquiries.

Prima Dry Cleaners can take your laundry off your hands and not worry about staining your clothes or mixing it up with others. From designer clothes, wedding dresses/suits, to everyday clothes, they got you covered. All their staff are highly qualified and trained to provide the right care for your garments. They make sure all stains and dirt are removed, so you can wear your favorite pieces for a long period of time.

Prima Cleaners even provide an eco-friendly alternative to clean your clothes. They use 100% non-toxic products and omit using chemicals to promote a healthy environment while giving the fabric of your clothes a soft and allergen-free feel. Check out their website or call their hotline to know more and be one of their customers who’ve experienced prime care for their clothes.


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