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The 7 Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Hong Kong

November 23, 2019
6 Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a bustling region of commerce with vibrant social life. Its activities keep residents busy and with little time to care for their carpets. That is why we have compiled this list of the best carpet cleaning services in Hong Kong. With these companies, even the most engaged people can have their precious carpets and rugs cleaned on-site or off-site.

1.   Ayesha Carpet Cleaning

Ayesha Carpet Cleaning

BEST FOR Express cleaning, pick up and delivery
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Repair, Color Restoration, Rug Refringing, Rug Rebinding, Rug Repair, Rug Restoration
PRICING Contact for more information
WEBSITE https://ayeshacarpetshop.com
ADDRESS No. 123 G/F Ho chung New Village, Ho Chung Road Sai Kung N.T.
CONTACT Phone: 6321-1040
Email: [email protected]
PAYMENT Monday To Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Ayesha Oriental Carpet Cleaning has been providing rug and carpet cleaning for almost two decades. They also sell a wide range of oriental rug styles and sizes, with a varied mix of both new and antiques from all over the world. 

Ayesha Oriental Carpet Cleaning also provides rug restoration and repair services. Their skilled staff are professionally trained and have years of experience in the field handling items such as abussons, savonneries, textiles, tapestries, hooked rugs, and more.

They provide free estimates, free pick-up, and free delivery for any kind of rug and carpet repair, cleaning and restoration. Ayesha Oriental Carpet Cleaning can handle reweaving, mothproofing, fire damage, flood damage, pet stains, and odor removal, among others. 

They also have an express delivery option if you need their services urgently. This cleaning service can fast track your order for an extra fee and have your rug or carpet returned in less than eight hours. 

Aside from offering carpet and rug cleaning services, a visit to their showroom will reveal a large inventory of exotic and imported pieces. They offer affordable prices, high quality designs consisting mostly of Pakistani, Persian and Afghani rugs & carpets.

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to have your rug or carpet cleaned, Ayesha Oriental Carpet Cleaning is an option worth looking into. They offer free pickup, delivery and quotations, which make them one of our top picks for carpet cleaners in Hong Kong.

2.   Hayat Carpet Cleaning

BEST FOR Powerful steam extraction machines, on-site services, environment-friendly services, British-trained company
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet cleaning, carpet repairing, color restoration
PRICING from HK$ 10 to HK$ 30 per square feet.
WEBSITE http://hayatcarpetcleaning.hk/
CONTACT [email protected]

+852 9810 1943

PAYMENT Contact for more information

Hayat Carpet Cleaning handpicks the most beautiful and superior quality rugs and carpets from Central Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They have also been selling carpets as well as providing washing, cleaning, repairing services – in Hong Kong since 1979 and have established themselves as one of the leading companies in this business.

Their highly experienced team is skilled in repairing which includes reweaving, repairs, fixing, mothproofing, fire damage, flood damage, pet stain, odour removal, scotchgard, asthma relief, allergy, padding etc.

3.   Umar Carpets

Best Carpet Cleaning Hong Kong | Umar

BEST FOR Specially skilled technicians, free pick-up and delivery, free installation, traditional and modern methods for carpet repair, extensive restoration services
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet & Rug Washing & Cleaning, Carpet & Rug Repair, Odour & Stain Removal, Color Restoration, Oriental Rug Reweaving, Fringing, Over Casting, Binding, Patching, Water Damage Restoration, Mildew & Mold Treatment
PRICING From HKD 10 per sq. ft.
WEBSITE http://www.umarcarpets.hk/
ADDRESS G/F, 3B Wo Tong Kong

Mang, Kung Uk, Clear Water Bay

Sai Kung, N.T.

Hong Kong

CONTACT +852 9010-8676 | +852 2335-5777 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash or cheque

Umar Carpets is another renowned trader of rugs from the Middle East and Central Asia. Like another company in this list, they also offer cleaning, repair, and restoration services. You can count on them because the company has more than 40 years of experience in this regard. Their technicians are also specially trained in handling your oriental carpets and rugs.

To service your items, Umar Carpets picks them up from your home. At their premises, they wash and clean your carpets and rugs with care and they use only the best solutions. The staff make sure that odours, stains, and all kinds of dirt are removed from every fibre. Because of this, your carpets and rugs look like new when they are delivered and reinstalled in your home.

Other than cleaning and washing services, Umar Carpets also has repair and restoration services. They use materials like yarn, fleece, and silk or whatever matches your rugs and carpets to achieve the best results. They also employ both traditional and modern methods for excellent outputs.

4.   Iqbal the Carpet Man

Best Carpet Cleaning Hong Kong | Iqbal

BEST FOR Special oriental rug cleaning, professional washing and repairing of rugs, asthma and allergy relief
SERVICES/SCOPE Free Pick-up & Delivery, Carpet & Rug Cleaning, Repairing, Restoration, Pet Stain & Odour Removal, Scotchgard Application
PRICING Request a free quote online
WEBSITE http://iqbalcarpets.hk/
ADDRESS G/F, 21 Po Tung Road

Sai Kung, N.T.

Hong Kong

CONTACT +(852) 90180897
[email protected]
PAYMENT Cash or cheque

Iqbal the Carpet Man is primarily known as a trader of handmade carpets from Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. However, they also provide cleaning, repair, and restoration services for these special oriental rugs. The company’s staff pick-up your rugs and bring them to their company premises for delicate cleaning and washing.

If any of your rugs are stained or are malodorous, Iqbal the Carpet Man’s specially trained experts apply the best cleaning solutions that can remove them. In case your rugs have damages, they also provide repair and restoration services. They also apply Scotchgard to your items to protect them from further stains and to make the fibres colorful longer. This means that you can have your special rugs look as good as new again and for a long time.

Furthermore, Iqbal the Carpet Man ensures that your rugs and carpets are free of irritants that can trigger asthma and allergies. This way, you can have a cleaner home where every family member is healthy.

5.   Chem-Dry Hong Kong

Best Carpet Cleaning Hong Kong | Chem Dry

BEST FOR Internationally renowned franchise, trained and certified technicians, patented hot carbonating cleaning system, exhaustive soft furnishings cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning & Protection, Carpet Sanitizing & Deodorizing, Flood & Water Damage Extraction/Restoration, Oriental Rug Cleaning & Protection, Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning & Protection, On-site Drapery Cleaning & Mattress Extraction, Specialized Spot, Stain & Odour Removal, Dust Mite Removal, Anti-allergen Treatment
PRICING Request a quote
WEBSITE http://www.chemdryhkg.com/
ADDRESS G/F Hang Tak Building

1 Electric Street

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

CONTACT +852 127-7118 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash or cheque payment

Chem-Dry Hong Kong is a local franchise of an internationally renowned company that adheres to the internally set standards of excellence. That is why you can expect superior cleaning of your carpets, rugs, and other soft furnishings. You can also look forward to the great service provided by highly trained and certified technicians who are adept at their tasks.

With Chem-Dry Hong Kong, your carpets and rugs are not only clean, but also sanitized and deodorized so they are fresh smelling and enjoyable to play upon. On top of that, the company can also apply an anti-allergen treatment to doubly make sure that it is safe for your family and friends who are allergic.

Moreover, Chem-Dry Hong Kong employs a patented hot carbonating system. This is a cleaning system unique to the company that leaves your carpets and rugs drier, cleaner, and healthier compared to other techniques. This has received the seal of approval of many organizations in the United States. It also comes highly recommended by leading carpet producers.

6.  Sultan Carpets Cleaning

BEST FOR Carpet Cleaning Services
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Repairing

Carpet Selling

PRICING Contact for more details
WEBSITE http://carpetcleaning.hk/
ADDRESS NO.123B G/F Ho Chung New Village Ho Chung Road Sai Kung N.T, Hong Kong
CONTACT Phone: 63410346

Email: [email protected]

PAYMENT Contact for more details

Sultan Carpet Cleaning has been catering to their community for over 15 years. Sultan Carpet Cleaning provides multiple services such as carpet cleaning, re-fringing, carpet repairing, and carpet selling. Their top quality service is affordable, allowing their clientele to receive the best service without breaking the bank.

7.  Talha Carpet

BEST FOR Carpet Services
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Repairing

Carpet Selling

PRICING https://www.carpetcleaner.hk/quotation.aspx
WEBSITE https://www.carpetcleaner.hk/
CONTACT Phone: (+852) – 61705336, 27926110

E-mail: [email protected]

PAYMENT Contact for more details

Talha Carpet is a unique rug store in Hong Kong offering an exceptional selection of new, old, and antique carpets and rugs from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Middle East, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Turkey since 1990. Talha Carpets provides the best carpet restoration , repairing, and cleaning services in Hong Kong, with the lowest price and the highest quality services.

Their experts have knowledge of a lot of carpet cleaning and repairs techniques. Their experts are highly experienced, skilled and professional having a very long history in carpet and rugs. They can also clean, repair and restore your other hand woven treasures like textiles, tapestries, needlepoints, and hooked rugs.

Some companies in this list of the best carpet cleaning services in Hong Kong specialize in certain types of rugs and carpets. Meanwhile, others can treat all kinds of items. Whatever is the case with your carpets and rugs, you have to let your preferred company know of unique requirements so you can receive a proper quote.