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6 Best Options for Carpet Cleaning in Nottingham

November 16, 2018
6 Best Options for Carpet Cleaning in Nottingham

Your carpets are precious items that make your home a livelier and safe place for your children and pets to play around in. However, they can accumulate deep-seated dust, girt, dirt, and stains over time. You can vacuum them by yourself and apply some cleaning solutions for regular cleaning but this is not enough to remove stubborn dirt and disease-causing microorganisms. That is why it is important to get the help of professional carpet cleaners. They can clean your carpets and make them hygienic too! Below is a list of 6 best options for carpet cleaning in Nottingham so you can arrange for your carpets and rugs to be sanitized and restored to their optimum state.

1.   Brenton Carpet Care

Best Carpet Cleaning Nottingham | Brenton Carpet Care

BEST FOR Green cleaning, dry fusion, Scotchgard protection, multiple carpet care packages, free aftercare
SERVICES/SCOPE Domestic Carpet Cleaning, Industrial Carpet Cleaning, Scotchgard Carpet Protection
PRICING Per room pricing from £40. Per house pricing from £60.
ADDRESS 9 Bampton Ct.

Gamston, Nottingham NG2 6PA

CONTACT +44 115-919-3836 | +44 800-193-0115 |
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, or bank transfer

Brenton Carpet Care is an expert carpet cleaning services provider in Nottingham that comes highly recommended by their previous customers. They have superb ratings online and if you talk to anyone who has had experience with them, you are likely to hear about how immaculate their carpets have become.

Brenton Carpet Care deserves the praises heaped upon them by their previous clients. That is because they only employ green cleaning techniques. Their regular cleaning products are already environment-friendly, but their eco cleaning supplies take it up a notch. This not only makes your carpet clean but they also make them safe for your babies and young children to play in.

Additionally, Brenton Carpet Care is excellent when it comes to Persian rugs and other special types of carpets. They use dry fusion, a technology that gets rid of dirt and grime from your carpets while giving them back their color.

And once the cleaning and drying part is done, Brenton Carpet Care can apply Scotchgard protection to your carpets and rugs. This comes at an additional cost, depending on your chosen carpet care package. However, this can make you happy in the long run because it makes your carpets and rugs clean for longer.

2.   A&G ChemDry

Best Carpet Cleaning Nottingham | A&G

BEST FOR ChemDry Spot Remover, award-winning and accredited, green carpet cleaning, specialized carpet cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning, Rugs Cleaning, Home Care Cleaning Products, Complete Home Packages, Comprehensive Industrial Packages
ADDRESS Unit 24 High Hazles Road

Manvers Business Park

Cotgrave, Nottingham NG12 3GZ

CONTACT +44 115-989-4443 |
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, or bank transfer

A&G ChemDry is an independently owned and operated carpet and rug cleaning services provider. They have been recognized by different award-giving bodies due to their outstanding work in the industry and because of their excellent services to their customers. On top of that, they have been certified by multiple organizations because of their dedication to specialized carpet cleaning.

With A&G ChemDry, you can expect natural carpet cleaning only. When removing spots and stains, they utilize their own ChemDry Spot Remover that is professional strength. It quickly removes offending stains to help restore the beauty of your carpets and rugs. On top of that, the company’s service crews employ The Natural, a safe yet highly effective cleaning solution for a deep and thorough cleaning. This leaves your carpets and rugs fresh, hygienic, and spotless while keeping them safe for play and everyday use.

A&G ChemDry also applies the same principles when tackling special carpets and rugs. If you have Persian, Chinese, wool, and other unique carpets and rugs, you can count on the company to handle them with care.

3.   KingHall Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning Nottingham | KingHall

BEST FOR Well trained and fully insured staff, comprehensive set of services, complete satisfaction guarantee, detail-oriented cleaning, promptness
SERVICES/SCOPE Residential Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Domestic Cleaning
PRICING Request a quote by phone or by email
ADDRESS 104 Kent Rd.

Nottingham NG3 6BN

CONTACT +44 115-784-6822 |
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, or bank transfer

KingHall Carpet Cleaning is spearheaded by a proprietor who has been in the army. That is why the company places a premium on thoroughness, promptness, and integrity in delivering their carpet, upholstery, and home cleaning services. Whether it is a residential or a commercial space, they always give their premium effort to help you keep a clean home with fresh carpets.

KingHall Carpet Cleaning’s comprehensive set of services are carried out by trained and insured staff. That is why you can rest assured that they are knowledgeable in their jobs. Moreover, whenever something occurs on-site, you are protected as the service crews are covered by the company’s insurance.

Additionall, KingHall Carpet Cleaning offers a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. They ensure that every dirt, grime, and dust is eradicated from your carpets and they do their best to remove stains and spots as well. In case you are not wholly happy with their service, they can come back and redo the cleaning.

4.   Carpet Demon

Best Carpet Cleaning Nottingham | Carpet Demon

BEST FOR Complete carpet and upholstery cleaning packages, Code of Practice, powerful water extraction system, on-site review of service with client, aftercare
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Stain Treatment, Stainguard Application, End of Tenancy Cleaning
PRICING Pricing is per room, starting from £15.
ADDRESS 6 Britannia Close

Watnall, Nottingham NG16 1GN

CONTACT +44 115-896-2522 | +44 737-551-8998 |
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, bank transfer, credit card payment

Carpet Demon is a local family-owned carpet and upholstery cleaning business in Nottingham. They have a proven record of accomplishments that is made up of happy homeowners, letters, and businesses. With their comprehensive cleaning packages, you can be sure that every fibre of your carpets and rugs are dirt-free. To achieve that, the service crews follow a Code of Practice that entails attention to detail in completing their jobs.

Carpet Demon also guarantees that your carpets dry faster when you work with them. That is because they utilize a top-of-the-line water extraction system. This pushes a higher volume of solution into the carpet fibres for a more thorough cleaning and removal of stains. Its drying gears then kick in to extract the water from your carpets and rugs that make them dry at a more rapid pace.

Once the carpet cleaning service has been carried out, Carpet Demon crews discuss with you the job and inspect the carpets with you on-site. This way, they can ensure that you are happy with their service. Plus, it allows them to offer advice on how you can maintain the cleanliness of your carpets longer.

5.   Clean

Best Carpet Cleaning Nottingham | Clean

BEST FOR Cleaning techniques safe for wool, babies, pets, and allergies; use of own water supply, moving of furniture, powerful portable cleaning equipment
SERVICES/SCOPE Truck-mounted System for Carpet Cleaning, Dry Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Portable Cleaning System
PRICING One room from £45. Other offers also available on the website or you can contact the company for a free quote.
ADDRESS Unit 3 , Mere End

Coalville, Leicester

CONTACT +44 800-021-0234 |
PAYMENT Credit card payment

Clean is a carpet cleaning service based in Leicestershire that also serves Nottinghamshire. They have a technician who has been a board member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. He heads the busy team in the city who have accumulated years of experiences and knowledge in carpet cleaning. That is why you can rest assured about the integrity of the Clean service crews you will be working with.

When it comes to their cleaning methodology, Clean only uses products that are safe for babies, pets, and allergies. On top of that, these solutions are gentle on any wool carpet or rug you may have. As such, you can get thoroughly clean carpets without harming any member of your family.

Moreover, Clean assures you that you do not have to cover the use of water. Their service crews have special systems that let them bring their own water supply, even if you live in a high-rise building.

6.   Mums Helping Hands

Best Carpet Cleaning Nottingham | Mums Helping Hands

BEST FOR Responsive team, thorough carpet cleaning procedure, carpet-specific cleaning equipment
SERVICES/SCOPE Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Specialist Carpet Cleaning Equipment
PRICING Request a no-obligation quote
ADDRESS Unit 11, Lenton Business Centre

Lenton Boulevard

Nottingham NG7 2BY

CONTACT +44 115-942-0028
PAYMENT Bank transfer, standing order, cash, cheque

Mums Helping Hands is an all-around cleaning service company that offers excellent carpet cleaning. When you communicate with them, you can expect prompt responses, as the company’s staff are always on alert for your messages. In fact, even if you need a cleaning service the next day, they can arrange it for you immediately.

With Mums Helping Hands, you can look forward to a thorough carpet cleaning procedure. The service crews take extra care in cleaning your carpets and rugs because they understand how precious they are to you. That is another reason why they use only special cleaning solutions that are gentle on your carpets but still tough on dirt, stains, and grime.

Mums Helping Hands are also fast workers. They use a hot water extraction system that removes the majority of the water and moisture from your carpets and rugs. This way, you only have to wait a few hours for your carpets to dry. After which, you can expect your items to be restored to their optimum condition.


Each company in this list of 6 best options for carpet cleaning in Nottingham have received stellar reviews from their customers. They may differ in their range of services and cleaning procedures but you can expect them to deliver on their promises.

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