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The 5 Best Services for Carpet Cleaning in Boston

May 3, 2021
Best Carpet Cleaning in Boston

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Carpets collect a lot of dirt and grime over time, which can trigger allergies and respiratory conditions. That’s why it’s important to have them cleaned at least twice a year.

To help you find carpet cleaners near you, we’ve collated the best services for carpet cleaning in Boston here for you.

But before you list them down, it helps to know the average cost of carpet cleaning. This will help you choose from among our list a provider whose price and service are right for you.

The Average Cost of Carpet Cleaning Services in Boston

Carpet cleaning in Boston typically goes from $50 to $100 for homes and $100 and up for commercial settings.

However, this can vary from one company to another based on several factors. For example, deeply stained carpets and carpeted flights of stairs can bring up the price. As does availing additional services of carpet repair, fabric protection, or steam cleaning.

Depending on the company, carpet cleaning can be calculated based on its number of rooms or per square foot. Costs range from $0.10 to $0.50 per square foot on average.

Here’s a table that shows the carpet cleaning price per room:

No. of roomsAverage price
1 room$94
2 rooms$120
3 rooms$146
4 rooms$172
5 rooms$198
6 rooms$224

Moreover, here’s a table of the average carpet cleaning cost per square footage either at your workplace or house:

Square footageAverage price
250 sq ft$45 – $90
500 sq ft$90 – $180
1,000 sq ft$180 – $360
1,500 sq ft$270 – $540
2,000 sq ft$360 – $720
2,500 sq ft$450 – $900

You’d likely get a discount if you let them clean carpets from multiple rooms. Or by availing their special promotions online with certain conditions that need to be fulfilled.

Practically, you can also reduce the price by moving the furniture from the carpet yourself. And doing some pre-vacuuming to keep the carpet clean on the surface.

And you could only have high-traffic carpets cleaned like those in the hallway or stairs. Usually, light vacuuming will do for carpets that stay under your sofa or coffee table since these are sheltered from daily spills, crumbs, or steps.

Lastly, don’t forget to get multiple quotes from different carpet cleaners so that you’ll have more options and can pick the one that suits your budget and needs the most!

The Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Boston

With that in mind, we now present to you our best options for carpet cleaning in Boston, MA!

1)   Boston Green Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Boston Green Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning's Homepage
SERVICES/SCOPEUpholstery cleaning
Stain removal
Carpet cleaning
PRICINGCarpet Cleaning

Basic cleaning (1 Room) – $45
1 stair – $5


Sofa – $150
Love sit – $100
Large sofa – $190
Ottoman – $40
Recliner – $80
Dining chairs – $20
Upholstery chair – $59

Stain Removal

Small stain – $30
Large stain – $60
Pet treatment – $60

Sanitation – $30
Deodorizer – $20
Fiber protection – $30
*The prices serve only as a starting reference. They may vary from the actual quote of the service.
*All jobs have a minimum fee of $100 per appointment.
*Each carpet cleaning is calculated based on 160 square feet of area.
ADDRESS125 Mount Auburn St, Cambridge, MA 02138
CONTACTPhone: +1 617-341-9715
Email: [email protected]
PAYMENTCredit and debit cards only

Boston Green Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is known for its outstanding client service, always following up afterward and seeing to it their clients are happy with the job performed.

This is one of the reasons we selected them here in our best carpet cleaning services in Boston list. Offering carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and stain removal, their thorough, efficient, and courteous cleaners do a fantastic job time and time again!

Unlike rival firms, they don’t keep their prices in the shadows. Rather, they are transparent and stick with it when they finish their cleaning job at your home.

The only downside is they don’t accept cash nor checks, perhaps to discourage dishonesty among their employees. However, they accept debit and credit cards.

You can conveniently book with them online by the link given above. They are located at 125 Mt Auburn St in Cambridge and can promptly come to you after you’ve called them.


  • Online booking available
  • Transparent pricing
  • Follows up after work to ensure you’re satisfied


  • Fewer service offerings
  • Doesn’t accept cash or checks

Customer Reviews

Boston Green Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning amassed a 4.9/5 score on Google. Clients commended their professional and friendly team who went over and beyond for them.

Danny, a business owner, wrote this feedback:

“Great guy! So friendly. we already used him to clean the carpets in our stores 3 times allready and every time he went above and beyond to make sure the carpet cleaning exceeded any and all expectations. And I have had my carpets done in the past and Jay from Boston Green Clean would be the only guy I would use again. Added bonus is he dried the carpets after he cleaned them! Highly highly highly recommend!”

And another client named Andrew wrote his opinion of the servicemen:

“Great quality work and extremely thorough — Also very pleasant to work with. They coordinated well with us to make sure the timing worked. You can tell they’re dedicated to building a strong business, one job at a time. Highly recommended!”

2)   Carpet Cleaning Boston

Carpet Cleaning Boston's Homepage
Water damages
Air duct
Wood floor
Tile & grout
PRICINGKindly call their hotline for rates
ADDRESSState St, Boston, MA 02109
PAYMENTVisa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, and checks

Carpet Cleaning Boston combines professional skills and equipment to ensure that your carpets, upholsteries, and rugs are attractive, spotless, and germ-free.

As their cleaners are licensed, bonded, and insured, you know you’re dealing with professionals who know the best cleaning solution for different types of carpets.

They have a gamut of equipment at their disposal, including truck-mounted machines, steam cleaners, stain removers (for all types of stain), and safe and organic agents.

You can also ask them for some advice or tips about caring for your carpet or rug to keep them clean for your kids to play on and your pets to sleep on.

They do house and commercial carpet cleaning jobs throughout Suffolk, Middlesex, and Norfolk Counties. Should you need them after their store hours, their cleaners are on-call 24/7.

Quite a number of clients, however, complained that they were charged double their initial estimate. So it’s best to bring up this subject when you’re calling them for a quote.

Still, other clients didn’t have this experience but were satisfied with the results of the service. Hence, we still consider Carpet Cleaning Boston a worthy contender for our list.


  • Environment-friendly carpet cleaning
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured cleaners
  • Offers discounts and promotions
  • 24/7 emergency services available


  • Prices aren’t transparent
  • Complaints about doubling up the quoted price

Customer Reviews

As we said, there’s been criticism regarding the quoted price for this cleaner, however, some people said otherwise:

Ryan, one client, gave this review:

“My son has spilled wine on the carpet. I had cleaned it with cleaner but it the stains were still there. Then my friend recommended me this company, they’d done brilliant job with carpets. All the stains were gone, and great pricing too..”

Furthermore, Peter said this:

“I had called them for a quote, and an hour later they were at my door ready for the job. Now the carpet looks clean and no stains on it. They did a great job, and the price was right. I recommend.”

3)   USA Clean Master

USA Clean Master's Homepage
SERVICES/SCOPECarpet cleaning
Sanitizing & disinfecting
Water or fire damages
Mold remediation
Tile & grout cleaning
Hardwood floor
Air Duct cleaning
Rug cleaning
Upholstery cleaning
Mattress cleaning
Pet stain & odor
PRICINGPlease contact them for rates
ADDRESSOne Boston Place, Boston, MA 02108
PAYMENTYou can dial their hotline for details

USA Clean Master is a trusted cleaning company that does it all. From carpet cleaning to disinfection services, they provide a remarkable job right down to the small details!

They can clean your carpet carefully to remove the stains, spots, and odors stuck in it. Trained and experienced, they can even clean vintage, imported, or high-end carpets and rugs.

If you want, they can carry out disinfection and sanitation cleaning to your house, including your carpet, to keep you all safe during the COVID-19 situation. This is one of their specialties.

They’ll leave you impressed with their cleaning just like they’ve done for many clients. Besides the top-notch clean, you can expect fair pricing and convenient booking with them.

On top of that, all work is guaranteed—so in case you’re not satisfied with their service, they will come back to fix it. As you can see, everything is to your advantage with them!


  • Trained cleaning technicians
  • Eco-friendly solution choice
  • Guaranteed service
  • Membership discounts


  • Prices aren’t transparent

Customer Reviews

As we said, clients were amazed by the service. The licensed cleaners worked hard to make their carpets beautiful and spotless.

Take a look at Joan’s feedback of the cleaner:

“The guys arrived early for starters.  They cleaned 3 oriental rugs, upholstery on 8 dining room chairs and worked to rehab a worn and very dirty carpet.  They cleaned a 4×6 Tibetan rug too.  The stained beige upholstery on the chairs looks like new.  Great job and all done under the estimated price!”

Also, Max remarked:

“USA Clean Master made my carpeted stairs feel like I just moved in. Great service!!!”

4)   UCM Cleaning Services

UCM Cleaning Services' Homepage
SERVICES/SCOPECarpet cleaning
Upholstery cleaning
Rug cleaning
Pet stain removal
Air duct cleaning
Emergency services
Office cleaning
Water damage restoration
PRICINGPlease contact them for rates
ADDRESSMarlborough St, Boston, MA 02116
PAYMENTAmerican Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit cards

Need to give your carpet or rug a deep clean? Well, one great cleaner you can pick is UCM Cleaning Services!

It caters to homes and businesses in Boston and the adjacent areas. It offers a wide range of cleaning work, including vent cleaning, pet stain removal, and flood damage restoration.

They’re market-competitive as they have certified, bonded, and insured staff. That gives you extra security in case one of your expensive assets is damaged during their cleaning.

With the necessary tools for the job—like a truck-mounted extractor, portable steam cleaner—and people highly trained to use them, you can definitely count on them!

As it is operated by USA Clean Master, you can expect a similarly high level of service from them. And since it has a good review score on Google, we added it here as one of the best carpet cleaning experts in Boston!


  • Licensed, bonded, and insured cleaners
  • Guaranteed services
  • Eco-friendly solution choice
  • 24/7 emergency service available
  • Coupon discounts


  • Complaint about client service

Customer Reviews

There was one who complained about their disorganized client service. Besides that, UCM Cleaning Services had positive reviews from clients.

One of those clients, Daniel, gave his feedback:

“Without a doubt UCM Cleaning Services is one of the best carpet cleaning companies in the neighborhood. I have used their services numerous times before and always been satisfied. Would recommend their services to everyone!”

Plus, Shona shared how the service went for her:

“My living room carpet was smelly and had these juice stains everywhere but the technicians were able to get it all out. They did a deep cleaning of the carpet and brought it into its original condition. Never was my carpet so clean and I’m so thankful for these wonderful people.”

5)   Go Boston Carpet

Go Boston Carpet's Homepage
SERVICES/SCOPECarpet cleaning
Carpet installation
Water damage
PRICINGPlease contact the company for rates
ADDRESS225 Franklin St, Boston, MA 02110
CONTACTPhone: 617.286.8800
Email: [email protected]
PAYMENTKindly give them a call for details about this

For over 10 years, Go Boston Carpet has been providing a complete range of carpet cleaning services to clients all across Massachusetts.

By using a green and non-toxic solution, their cleaning professionals will ensure that your carpet is safe and clean to keep allergies and respiratory illnesses at bay.

Compared to others, they don’t offer floor, tile & grout, mattress, and air duct cleaning. So you might have to call another specialist if you need these services.

Despite that, they can focus completely on carpet cleaning and are likely to have more experience with carpets than an ‘all-around’ cleaning company.

Aside from making your carpets divinely clean, they also sell select commercial carpets at half the price. That will save you time and effort in going to the store to buy a carpet.

So any time you need them, even for an emergency like flood restoration, Go Boston Carpet has you covered!


  • Uses organic, non-toxic chemicals
  • Affordable office carpets available
  • 1-hour emergency response service


  • No special offers
  • Limited range of services

Customer Reviews

They bagged an average score of 4.5/5 stars from Google reviewers. Many wrote that they were excellent throughout the service including the support, carpet result, and finish!

Here’s what one homeowner named Alex said:

“I booked those guys few days ago. Had no problems to set up date. The cleaning man came on time. He used pretty cool equipment. I had a carpet where my friends kids played, ate and played with food. That was bad picture(((. By the time he finished cleaning my carpet it was in pretty good shape, even though it’s not new. For the price he done his job I would recommend this company.”

Also, Sergiu wrote this:

“Thanks to your go Boston carpet cleaning service, I am now more thrilled to go to the office. Who wouldn’t be excited when you know that you will be greeted by a clean and sanitary environment? I have to tell you, my productivity increased ever since our company hired your cleaning service in Boston.”

FAQs about the Most Reliable Carpet Cleaners in Boston

So that concludes our top carpet cleaning services in Boston! No dust, dirt, and musty smell will remain in your carpet after you have them clean it for you.

Any questions or opinions whatsoever? If you have one, kindly drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.

You may also want to read about the best dry cleaners in Boston. They can get your jacket, suit, and scarf clean, fresh, and ready for you to wear on a casual or special occasion.

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