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6 Best Options for Carpet Cleaners in Nashville

July 28, 2019
Carpet Cleaners in Nashville

Carpet cleaning companies nowadays focus on finding the best technology that can deep clean your carpets, rugs, and upholstery without shrinking and damaging their quality. While each one claims to utilize the best cleaning method, we leave it up to you, the customer, to decide what you think suits your preferences.

Most of the companies listed below also provide eco-friendly cleaning options to ensure the safety and health of those living in your home. So if your carpets are in dire need of cleaning, check out our list of the 6 Best Options for Carpet Cleaners in Nashville to find out the best one for you!

1. Zerorez

BEST FOR 4.9-rating on Google with 1,409 reviews; uses Powered Water Technology
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning, Pet Odor/ Bio Treatment, Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning, Tile and Grout, Upholstery Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Resurfacing, Vent Cleaning, Commercial Services
PRICING Call hotline to get a quote
ADDRESS 475 Metroplex Drive, Suite 104, Nashville, TN 37211
CONTACT (615) 535-9376
PAYMENT Call hotline for more inquiries.

With the availability of technology, carpet cleaning is now possible without the use of toxic chemicals. Zerorez Nashville Carpet cleaning guarantees to provide you with a revolutionary cleaning technology without the use of high-residue soaps, detergents, shampoos or chemicals that can sometimes remain unnoticeable in your carpets.

Using Powered Water® technology, your carpets are cleaned and dried at a faster rate. They even provide a detailed manual on their website for after-care, maintenance and what to expect with their services. 

2. TNT Chem-Dry

BEST FOR 4.9-rating on Google with 156 reviews
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Pet Urine Removal Treatment, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Granite Renewal, Wood Floor Cleaning, Area Rug Pads
PRICING Call hotline to get a quote
ADDRESS 2929 Riverbend Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, USA
CONTACT (615) 557-5231
PAYMENT Call hotline for more inquiries

TNT Chem-Dry’s multiple awards makes it deserving to be on the top list of the best upholstery and carpet cleaners not just in Nashville but also around the world. With more than 3,500 locations worldwide, Chem-Dry’s local franchises guarantees a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly approach to cleaning your carpets and upholstery.

Their Natural® cleaning solution combined with their Hot Carbonating Extraction process deep cleans but at the same time helps your carpets dry faster. If you’re interested in getting their services, you can also check out their website for discount coupons on some of their services.

3. EverClean Carpet Cleaning

BEST FOR 5.0-rating on Google with 75 reviews; specializes in cleaning Berber carpet, plush carpet, cut-pile carpet, area rugs as well as fine upholstery fabrics
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning, Hardwood, Upholstery, Area Rugs

Tile & Grout, Pet Odor

PRICING Rates start at $120. Call hotline or check the website to get a free quote
ADDRESS 219 Shady Grove Rd Rear Nashville, TN 37214
CONTACT 615-Dry-Fast (615-379-3278)
PAYMENT Accepts major credit cards

EverClean is a family owned, non-franchised business that has been serving Nashville since 2009. Their technology focuses on Hot Water Extraction to deep clean your carpets and upholstery. Since starting their cleaning company, they’ve consistently delivered quality results that satisfy their clients. The business has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau making them a trustworthy cleaning service in Nashville, Tennessee.  

4. Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Nashville

BEST FOR 4.9-rating on Google with 180 reviews; safe, hypoallergenic, and soap free cleaning
SERVICES/SCOPE Hypo-allergenic Carpet Cleaning, Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning,Pet Stains & Odor Removal, Indoor Allergy Treatment
PRICING Call hotline for a quote
ADDRESS 510 Fairground Court Suite #D92, Nashville, TN 37211, United States
CONTACT 1-800-Safe-Dry
PAYMENT Call hotline for more inquiries

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Safe-Dry knows that instead of focusing on marketing and advertising, customer satisfaction assurance draws in clients better. They utilize Safe-Dry® technology that uses carbonation partnered with other natural products to clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Using this combination, they assure their clients that their carpets will dry in an hour, be residue free, have a longer service life, and keep the home environment healthier. 

5. DryCon Nashville Carpet Cleaning

BEST FOR 4.9-rating on Google with 53 reviews; specializes in dry carpet cleaning method
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning Services, Air Duct Cleaning / HVAC Duct Cleaning, Pet Enzymization, Odor Elimination, Carpet Stain Protection, On-site Rug Cleaning, Hardwood Cleaning & Polishing, Upholstery Cleaning
PRICING Call hotline for a free quote
ADDRESS 2714 Wellman Dr, Nashville, TN 37214
CONTACT 615-902-0002

[email protected]

PAYMENT Accepts payments via PayPal. Call hotline for more inquiries

Drycon Nashville Carpet Cleaning puts the customer first above all else. Those who are interested in booking services are able to directly talk to the owner to get a quote, finalize services, and set a specific appointment time. When they arrive in your home, you immediately see how their services set them apart. They use non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for children, pets, and the environment. Best of all, they assure you that your floor and carpets will be dry in 30 minutes or less. 

6. CitruSolution

BEST FOR 5.0-rating on Google with 15 reviews
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpet Cleaning,Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning, Pet Stains Removal,  Upholstery Cleaning, and Commercial Cleaning
PRICING Call hotline to get a quote
ADDRESS 713 Overton Park, Nashville, Tn 37215
CONTACT 615-333-8977
PAYMENT Call hotline for more inquiries

CitruSolution specializes in using an all natural cleaning solution to clean carpets. Their special CitroSolution® contains antimicrobials and extracts from citrus fruits that are known to destroy mites and other common allergens. By eliminating harmful chemicals and soap-based cleaners in their cleaning solution, your carpets are guaranteed to be cleaner, dry faster and smell fresher!

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