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The 6 Best Options for Apartment Cleaning NYC

November 2, 2019
Best Apartment Cleaning NYC

It’s no secret that New York City is one of the busiest cities around the world. People are often in a mad rush to go to work and go back home. It’s also doesn’t come as a surprise that the cost of living in New York is very high and is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. With these things considered, one might think that it’s hard to find professional cleaners that can provide quality cleaning service in New York without breaking the bank.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of 6 Best Options for Apartment Cleaning in New York City that will give you the peace of mind by doing all the cleaning in your apartment for you. These companies offer a range of prices that you can choose from depending on what fits your budget.


1. Maid Sailors

BEST FOR 4.8-rating on Google with 425 reviews; Green/Eco-friendly cleaning, responsiveness, certified professional cleaners
SERVICES/SCOPE Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning Services, Move In / Out Cleaning, Organization, Green / Eco-Friendly  Cleaning, Laundry Service, Office Cleaning Services
PRICING Rates start at $110.50 for a Studio weekly cleaning and $130 for a one-time clean. Call hotline or check online to get a price estimate
ADDRESS 257 Water Street, New York, NY 10038, United States
CONTACT (212) 299-5170 | (212) 299-5170

[email protected]

PAYMENT Accepts major credit cards only as payment

 Maid Sailors is an in-demand cleaning services company in New York City. Their budget-friendly packages and excellent cleaning services make them the most sought after cleaning company in the bustling city of New York.

Their cleaners are certified and have gone through intensive trainings to develop the necessary skills to thoroughly clean your apartment.


2. MyClean

BEST FOR 4.7-rating on Google with 202 reviews; 50 Point Checklist; green cleaning; daily availability, add-on cleaning services, timely and professional cleaning, transparent pricing, consistent services, flexible cleaning schedule
SERVICES/SCOPE Home Cleaning and Office Cleaning
PRICING Rates start at $112 for a Studio-sized apartment. Call hotline or book online to get a price estimate
ADDRESS 247 W 35th St #9R, New York, NY 10001
CONTACT (855) 692-5326

[email protected]

PAYMENT Accepts major credit and debit cards only as payment

 MyClean offers follows a 50-point cleaning checklist that varies depending on the type of package you choose. Their most comprehensive package is the Deep Clean where you get comprehensive scrubbing, wiping, and dusting around your house.

Their cleaning crews are available daily and you don’t even need to be present to have them clean your home. All you need to do is leave specific instructions and additional cleaning materials if you have any particular preferences. MyClean values your feedback so don’t forget to rate your experience and leave suggestions for improvement in the email address provided.


3. Maid Marines

BEST FOR 4.8-rating on Google with 166 reviews- eco-friendly cleaning; 55-point checklist, safe and effective cleaning solutions, custom cleaning, extra services, discounts for recurring customers
SERVICES/SCOPE Home Cleaning and Office Cleaning
PRICING Rates start at $129 for a studio apartment. Check website to see flat rate pricing.
ADDRESS 37 W 26th St #410, New York, NY 10010
CONTACT (212) 390-1629

[email protected]

PAYMENT Accepts major credit and debit cards only as payment

 Maid Marines is another highly rated cleaning that services residents in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. They follow a 55-point cleaning checklist that covers your living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Maid Marines also offer transparent flat-rate pricing that you can find in their website so you can avoid hidden charges. Best of all, if you become a recurring customer of Maid Marines, you are entitled to discounts!


4. eMaids Inc.

BEST FOR 4.8-rating on Google with 146 reviews; Chamber of Commerce Certified Verified Member, Landlord Station Best of 2015 – Vendors Directory; 100% Bonded & Insured; Responsive Service; Instant Booking; Budget-Friendly Rates; Green Cleaning Solutions
SERVICES/SCOPE Maid Services, Economy Cleaning, VIP Cleaning, Move in Move out cleaning, Office Cleanings, Service Guarantee, Gift Certificates, Deep Cleaning, Post Construction, Property Management
PRICING Call hotline or book online to get a price estimate
ADDRESS 244 5th Avenue K262 New York, NY 10003
CONTACT 212-390-1877

[email protected]

PAYMENT Call hotline to get information

eMaids is a locally owned business offering budget-friendly maid cleaning services in New York City since 2004. They only use the best non-allergenic products to ensure their customer’s safety and well-being.

Even after cleaning over 150,000 homes, eMaids still manages to maintain it’s top-rating because of it’s consistent and efficient cleaning process. They’ve even managed to make booking easy for you, check our their website now and it will take only 60 seconds for you to avail their services!


5. Cleaning Exec

BEST FOR 4.9-rating on Google with 130 reviews; fully vetted and trained cleaners, fulfillment of last minute bookings, highly responsive customer service, timely and professional services, broad range of serviced spaces
SERVICES/SCOPE House Cleaning Service, Janitorial Service, Apartment Cleaning Service
PRICING Rates range from $130-215 depending on number of room in apartment. Check website for flat-rate pricing
ADDRESS 12 John Street, #11F, New York, NY 10038


Services Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn

CONTACT  212-457-8699
PAYMENT Accepts credit and debit cards as payment

Cleaning Exec comes highly recommended in New York City because of its record of satisfied customers. You won’t experience any hassle from booking until the end of the service because their cleaners are fully-vetted and intensively trained to give quality service regardless of how big or small your apartment is.

They’ve outlined their flat-rate pricing in their website as well as the services you’re expected to receive so you know exactly what you’re getting and how much you need to pay.


6. Planet Maids

BEST FOR 4.8-rating on Google with 101 reviews; environmentally-friendly cleaning products, consistent, high quality-service
SERVICES/SCOPE Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Green Cleaning Service, Post Renovation Cleaning, Office Cleaning,

Airbnb Turnaround Cleaning

PRICING Rates range from $130-170. Check website for flat rate pricing list
ADDRESS 23-46 28th St, Queens, NY 11105
CONTACT (212) 381-0499

[email protected]

PAYMENT Accepts credit and debits cards as payment

Planet Maids takes it about themselves to make sure that your residence is clutter free no matter where you look or go. In the few years they’ve been around, they’ve quickly built a well-known clientele including Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Halstead Real Stead.

Their pricing rate and booking procedures are simple. Just indicate the number of rooms in your apartment, choose how frequently you want your place cleaned and all you have to do is wait for your assigned cleaner to arrive at your place!


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