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A Basic Guide to Jewelry Care

July 18, 2022
A Basic Guide to Jewelry Care

We understand your jewelry is important to you because of its great value. Also, we believe that it’s supremely valuable to you because you received it from someone special.

Luckily, caring for your silvers and diamonds is easy if you are informed about it. So, here’s a simple guide to jewelry care that will help you preserve them for life!

1) Store your jewelry in a clean and dry place

Store your jewelry in a clean and dry place

A piece of jewelry has precious metals that are sensitive to scratches, air, and moisture. You have to store it in a clean and dry place, otherwise, it will tarnish or lose its luster.

You should have an elegant fabric jewelry case that has soft spaces and separate dividers. If you don’t have one, you can wrap the jewelry in soft tissue or paper to protect it from being scratched or moved about.

Alternatively, you can also get anti-tarnish cloths or bags from a jewelry shop, which are perfect for placing in your treasure.

2) Keep them away from certain household items

Keep them away from certain household items

Keep your jewelry away from certain care products like lotion, perfume, hairspray, in addition to cleaning products.

The reason is that their chemical content can cause cracks, breaks, and discoloration regardless of the piece of jewelry you own—whether it’s gold, silver, platinum, or colored gem.

Moreover, chlorine is jewelry’s biggest enemy so remove yours before going into the pool. Also, don’t forget to cover or remove your jewelry whenever you’re cleaning at home.

3) Clean your jewelry with gentle soap and warm water

Clean your jewelry with gentle soap and warm water

Even if you have kept your jewelry in a box and never opened it since, you will still have to clean them at one time to keep them shiny and pristine.

In this case, you can use gentle soap and warm water to clean your jewelry. Carefully wash it under low-pressure running water or a pail half-filled with water and brush away the dirt on the surface and crevices.

This can only clean your jewelry to a certain degree. So, if you want a thorough clean, you can go for ultrasonic cleaning but we suggest letting an expert handle it rather than yourself since other jewelry isn’t suitable for it like amber, pearls, ivory, and turquoise, just to name a few.

4) Take off your jewelry if you aren’t sure

Take off your jewelry if you aren’t sure

Don’t wear your sentimental piece all the time. Take it off and store it in a safe place whenever you’re cooking, working out, completing an errand, and so on.

This will prevent it from being damaged, lost, or stolen, which would cause a lot of problems and headaches.

By not taking the risk, your jewelry will look dazzling and well-maintained for a long time and it will be there whenever you’d want to wear it or to proudly show it to your spouse or close friend.

5) Insure your jewelry

Insure your jewelry

Of course, it’s important to insure your jewelry since we never know what could happen. Whether you lose your treasured piece or a fire breaks out in your house, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The first step, though, in insuring your jewelry is to get them appraised so you know how much it’s worth. There are lots of trusted organizations that can do that for you and you only need to surf online to find them.

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